‘I Am Jazz’: Spiritual Revelation After Bottom Surgery Complications – Producers Film With Phones

I Am Jazz

I am Jazz fans saw the much-talked-about episode of Jazz Jennings’s bottom surgery complications. She went through a depressing and scary time but said she had a spiritual revelation. On Twitter, she also dished out a “fun fact” about the producers filming with their phones. And oh, yeah, she reminded everyone about the psychic who told her about the complications ahead of time.

I Am Jazz fans saw Jazz Jennings really down

Jazz cried, her mom cried, because in her heart Jazz believed it would all go well after her gender-changing bottom surgery. The sad look on her face on the way back to the hospital showed fans a weary, tired and depressed girl. Her mom, meanwhile, stayed brave until she went back into surgery before letting the tears come. She was shocked and quite frankly, horrified when things went wrong for her daughter. However, she had her friend there with a shoulder to cry on.

While fans of the TLC show know that she made it through and everything worked out fine, Jazz was very withdrawn in hospital. Talking about her time there on Twitter, she said that she had plenty of time to reflect on things. She reminded viewers and herself about the psychic. Actually, Jazz noted that they “pinpointed the day of my surgery and predicted that I would experience complications?? Guess she was right.” Still, she went on feeling depressed for days.

Complications, Jazz introspective, spiritual revelation

Lying in bed, sore, depressed and worried for her parents as well, Jazz thought a lot in the hospital. While she talks about it all on the show, revisiting it on Twitter, brings a few more insights. In particular, she noted how she felt grateful that she suffered the bottom surgery blowout, rather than another trans. In fact, she believes her very strong family and network support helped her deal with it.

Jazz picked herself up, probably because of all of that support. She wrote on Twitter, “While I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, I had plenty of time to meditate & self-reflect. During one of those meditations, I had a powerful spiritual experience that completely transformed my life. This newfound faith has shifted my thinking and brought me power & purpose.” Additionally, she thought about the future positively. Elaborating, she wrote, “I had to adopt the mindset of my future self & know in my heart that everything would be ok.”

Fun fact about the producers

Jazz tossed out the fun fact that “the camera crew left NYC thinking that I was on a steady path to recovery. When the complication occurred, the two producers who stayed behind documented the second procedure using my camera and their phones!!” Given the fact that through the whole story of Jazz, the complications were the most intense scenes, they did really well.

What do you think about her experiencing a spiritual revelation? Did you think her mom was so awesome hiding her fear from Jazz? And what about the producers using phones and a small camera to get it all down for us? Let us know in the comments how you feel about it.

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