Is Jazz Jennings Still At Harvard After Mental Health Setbacks?

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I Am Jazz fans wonder whether Jazz Jennings is still at Harvard after mental health setbacks. The TLC star is currently enrolled at Harvard University. In 2019, the reality star declared that she was accepted into the university and confirmed that she would join her class that fall. However, later that year, she decided to take a leave of absence in order to cope with some mental health issues. Now that I Am Jazz is currently airing Season 8, fans wish to know if she still is a part of Harvard University. Keep reading to find out the details!

Jazz Jennings Gets Re-Accepted At The Harvard University

Based on the transgender activist’s social media presence, it appears that she lives near the Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus. Over the year, she has shared several snapshots from inside and outside the campus. This was also confirmed by the TV star herself in a TikTok video she shared in January 2022. She informed fans that she was re-admitted to the school and read out the contents of the email to fans.

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The YouTube personality read, “Good news. You’re approved to return. Welcome to Harvard again!”

Jazz Jennings Gained More Than 100 Pounds

Before deciding that she was ready to head back to college, Jazz Jennings filmed Seasons 6 and 7 for I Am Jazz. These seasons detailed her struggle with weight and the associated mental health issues. She revealed that although she was looking forward to being a part of her dream institute, focusing on her mental and physical health was just as important. She also revealed that her weight increased by almost 100 pounds making it difficult for her to participate in certain sports and daily activities.

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As per The Sun, the South Florida native hasn’t revealed what her major at Harvard University is. However, she has hinted time and again at what her future plans would look like. After her acceptance in 2019, she mentioned in a video that she hopes to major in philosophy, gender, and religion. Yet, she clarified that her final field of study would be decided later.

Jazz Jennings Is Interested In A Career In Medicine

Later, in Season 7, Jazz Jennings showed an interest in pursuing a career in medicine. She revealed that she is inspired by plastic surgeon Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher after interning for her.

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During the season finale episode, she detailed, “It was pretty masterful to watch Dr. Gallagher work. She was able to stitch up everything super meticulously and the way she did the stitching was just so fast, she’s an artist. Plastic surgery is like art, so to be able to do something like that, to change people’s lives in that way, like, it’s everything I stand for. And I definitely am not eliminating medical school as an option for me.”

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