‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy SplashZen

SplashZen on Shark Tank

Shark Tank is back this week with a brand-new episode. This week’s products include a smart birdhouse, cosmetics for redheads, a health monitor for plants, and a device called the SplashZen. The SplashZen is a splash guard for bathtubs. The creators now want sharks to invest to help build their company.

Here is what you need to know about the SplashZen from Shark Tank and where you can buy it.

What Is The SplashZen On Shark Tank?

Rodney and Tanya Rasmussen came up with the idea for the SplashZen when they realized the need for a splash guard for bathtubs. These are perfect to use when kids are in the bath or when a person is washing a dog. This keeps the water in the tub and is safe for kids and pets.

Rodney and Tanya from SplashZen on Shark Tank

The Rasmussen couple worked on the design and planning of the product and eventually promoted it on TikTok. It went viral there and they ended up selling the product thanks to that social media platform. The format is simple. The SplashZen is a flexible sliding door that raises the height of the tub wall. The splash guard and suction cup strip help block water from leaving the bathtub. It then rolls up sideways after bath time has ended.

The product is not for sale anywhere but on their website at this time. However, they hope to get the sharks’ help and investment so they can get into stores. This will require them to prove they can handle the added business and have a business plan in line to help increase sales.

Where To Buy The SplashZen From Shark Tank

Anyone who wants to learn more about SplashZen from Shark Tank can visit the company website at splashzen.com. Once on the page, you can share your email to possibly win a SplashZen product and a $250 AirBnB gift card. Once past that screen, you can choose whether you want to shop for kid’s or dog’s products.

The SplashZen for kids as seen onĀ Shark Tank runs $99. It is also available with an installment plan using Shop Pay. This comes with the splash guard retractable spool, two rectangular pieces with sticky pads, two hooks, and a suction cup that runs along the bathtub itself.

The version for dogs is also $99. It is made with flexible sizing so a person can wash a dog of any size comfortably. The pieces included here are the same as the ones for kids. The company also has a bath toy organizer for $19, shower and bath shelves for $19, and replacement parts that range from $7 to $15.

What is your opinion of the SplashZen from Shark Tank tonight? Was it worth the sharks’ money? Do you want to buy one for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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