‘Summer House’ Carl Radke Offers Touching Endorsement Of NARCAN

Carl Radke appears in a 'Summer House' reunion episode | Courtesy of Bravo

Nearly four years since his brother’s overdose, Carl Radke has officially endorsed NARCAN in an attempt to address the opioid crisis.

In August 2020, Carl Radke revealed that his brother, Curtis, had passed away from a drug overdose. The Summer House star took to Instagram to honor the memory of his late brother. “You’re my Big Brother and that will never change,” Radke wrote. We will watch over your family and carry on the Radke name with pride and love. I’ll be listening to the music you love and will be right there with you. Miss you bro. I Love you. RIP 💔”

Carl Radke Endorses ‘An Opioid Antagonist’

On February 9, Carl Radke once again turned to Instagram. This time, he announced his full support of NARCAN, a drug that Radke describes as “a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose. It is an opioid antagonist.”


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According to Radke, the loss of his brother is still something that he struggles to cope with. “February 4th would have been my brother’s 44th birthday,” he writes. “As I still grieve his loss, something I can’t imagine I’ll ever fill the void, I want to celebrate him and share stories of his acts of kindness.”

In an attempt to carry on his brother’s legacy, Carl Radke hopes that his endorsement of NARCAN can save lives. “Even in recovery, he revived numerous people with NARCAN Nasal Spray and I want to continue his legacy by making others aware that we all have the power to save a life,” writes Radke.

Carl Radke Hopes To ‘Encourage Some Change’

In a February 2021 interview with Today, Carl Radke candidly spoke about the loss of his brother, Curtis. Despite the slight age difference between him and his brother, Radke says that they weren’t always close. Regardless, he often idolized his brother. “Because of the five-year age gap between us, we didn’t always quite get along like competitive brothers do,” Radke said. “I wanted to be just like him as a kid. He was an amazing athlete who played five different sports and was well respected.”

While reflecting on his relationship with his late brother, Radke looked back on the last time they saw each other. “I saw him in 2017 for my grandfather’s funeral and I told him I loved him. It was difficult and emotional, but it was the truth. I had no idea that it would be the last time we spoke,” Radke said.

Although he lost touch with his brother prior to Curtis’ death, Radke has focused on preventing families from dealing with similar trauma. “Being on Summer House has given me a platform to talk about important issues and to raise awareness and hopefully encourage some change,” Radke revealed. “After my brother passed, I helped design some T-shirts and merchandise, where the proceeds were donated to a rehab center that my brother spent time at. The funds raised will help other families who are struggling.”

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