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Golden Bachelor Season 1 with Gerry Turner brought the highest ratings for Bachelor Nation in the last 4 years, and that set the bar high for Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor. Hoping Gerry and Theresa Nist will disappear after their five minutes of fame? Well, success doesn’t mean just five minutes of fame. Soon, loyal fans will be able to meet and greet him in Indiana.

Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist Remain Popular

While the ABC couple finds some trolls, it seems that mostly, they are unimportant. Lots of them only have a tiny following, if any, and non-existent posts. The majority of seasoned Bachelor Nation fans know that each season brings some drama to cause a stir.

Mostly, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist remain popular and some of their fans hope for a spinoff. They’ve had numerous interviews with large media outlets, and ahead of the wedding, they appeared on Live with Kelly and Mark. Of course, they get some freebies to promote, and why not? Almost every single reality TV star does that. Fortunately, they don’t go overboard and bore their followers. So, there’s a good chance that people will go to the Golden Bachelor’s meet and greet.

Golden Bachelor Meet And Greet Event

The news that a meet and greet event has been arranged for the Golden Bachelor lead arrived on Reddit this weekend.

Meet Gerry from The Golden Bachelor at Parkview Field! 🌹

Of course, people wanted more info, so a member of the community explained more.

  • The Fort Wayne TinCaps are a Minor League Baseball team of the Midwest League and the High-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. They are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and play their home games at Parkview Field.
Meet and Greet With Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner - May 17 Via Reddit
Meet and Greet With Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner – May 17 Via Reddit

As part of the VIP ticket package for the “Love and Roses Night” on May 17, people can take home a “wine glass” and watch a game. Of course, Gerry Turner might bring a few extra people along. It’s not clear where the advert came from, and the Parkview Field website doesn’t mention it under May events. However, you can call them on +1 260-482-6400.

On the MILB website, the May 17 game is against the Southbend Cubs and there are fireworks advertised.

What do you think about Gerry Turner’s meet and greet at the Fort Wayne TinCaps “Love and Roses Night?” Will you try and see him if you’re in the area? Or, do you think he and Theresa Nist have had their five minutes of fame? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor news.

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