‘The Bachelor’ Season 23 Preview Arrives: See Colton Underwood Run From Contestant

Colton Underwood The Bachelor from Instagram

The preview for The Bachelor Season 23 is here and it turns out that Colton Underwood is going to have a wild time. The new preview aired tonight during the season finale of Dancing With the StarsTV Guide went to their website and shared the preview for viewers.

One big thing that is going to happen this season is tears. Colton Underwood is a virgin and you have to remember that this is going to be a big deal on the show. They seem to talk about it non-stop on the preview, but hopefully, that isn’t the plan for the entire season of the show.


One of the girls will even tell Colton that they haven’t dated a virgin since they were 12-years-old. That was a pretty long time ago. Colton Underwood explains that he really did join the show simply to fall in love. Now everyone will just have to wait and see if he finds his person. This season of The Bachelor is done filming but all of the spoilers aren’t out yet for it.

The fact that he is a virgin won’t keep them from doing the fantasy suite dates either. This gives Colton a chance to be alone with three different girls. The big thing about this time is that they don’t have the cameras around. Colton and the girl he is with can open up to each other, but you never know what else could end up happening.

The preview shows one girl telling another that she is “scaring” Colton. If she doesn’t stop, this could end up ruining their potential relationship. Colton is seen bawling along with several of the girls. This is going to be an emotional season of The Bachelor. In one scene of the preview, Chris Harrison is trying to talk to Colton as he rushes off and then jumps over a fence to get away. It is obvious he wants nothing to do with this situation. You know the cameras will follow him, but that part they don’t want the viewers to see just yet.

Make sure you don’t miss The Bachelor Season 23 when it starts airing on ABC in January with Colton Underwood.

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