‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Makenzie Bails On Solo Date, Where Did She Go?

Farmer Wants a Wife: Makenzie Wayman

Farmer Wants a Wife cast member Makenzie Wayman ditched her solo date with her potential farmer husband, Nathan Smothers. So, what happened that caused her to bail as the show is just getting started?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Solo Dates Are A Huge Advantage

Solo dates are a huge advantage on Farmer Wants a Wife. Each farmer will have several women live with them on the farm as they get to know them and decide if any of these marriage hopefuls are wife material. This is where solo dates come into play.

Before all of the women arrive on the farm, each farmer picks from the bunch, choosing the person that most catches their eye. From there, the lucky lady travels to the farm a full 24 hours before the other women to spend time with the farmer and build a connection without competing for attention.

Farmer Nathan Smothers
Farmer Nathan Smothers

Solo Dates Give The Ladies A Chance To Impress The Farmer

Solo dates are the perfect opportunity to make a first impression. From a strategic standpoint, it can be a major advantage if used correctly. If you capture the farmer’s attention early, by the time the other ladies arrive on the farm, it may not even matter.

With that kind of advantage on Farmer Wants a Wife, you would have to have something major happen to give it up. That’s exactly what viewers are wondering about with Makenzie Wayman, as she ditched her guaranteed alone time with farmer Nathan Smothers, essentially giving up her advantage in the process. Many viewers are wondering what happened that caused her to bail on this prime opportunity.

Nathan Smothers, Farmer Wants A Wife, Fox 13
Nathan Smothers, Farmer Wants A Wife, Fox 13

Makenzie Wayman Ditches Farmer Wants A Wife Solo Date, Why?

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for new wife hopeful Makenzie Wayman. She caught the attention of farmer Nathan Smothers, and was ready to take full advantage of 24 hours alone with him before the other ladies got there. However, life had other plans.

Makenzie Wayman had to leave unexpectedly and return home to Ohio. Farmer Nathan Smothers said that there was a “health emergency” with Makenzie’s father that she had to rush home for.


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Since filming on Season 2 wrapped, Makenzie hasn’t spoken publicly about what happened with her father that caused her to leave the farm. She likely wants to keep that private. However, because viewers didn’t actually see Makenzie leave in Farmer Wants a Wife scenes, watchers are curious about this situation and everything that went down.

Farmer Wants a Wife: Makenzie Wayman
Farmer Wants a Wife: Makenzie Wayman/Instagram

As Nathan awaits the arrival of the other ladies in current Farmer Wants a Wife scenes, he says that Makenzie is welcome back to the farm. So, it’s possible viewers haven’t seen the last of her in Season 2. This is exactly the kind of real-life drama that adds even more intrigue to the developing storyline, so viewers will have to tune in to find out more.

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