Bryan Abasolo Defends Estranged Wife Rachel Lindsay From Trolls

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It’s been almost a month since Bryan Abasolo shocked Bachelor Nation fans by filing for divorce from Rachel Lindsay. He recently defended her from trolls blaming her for the end of their marriage. What did he have to say? Keep reading for all the details.

Rachel Lindsay’s Ex Posts Steamy Selfie

By day, Bryan Abasolo is a chiropractor. After moving from Florida, he founded the Beverly Hills Disc & Laser Therapy Center in California.

He also moonlights as “Dr. Abs,” providing health and weight loss advice on social media. In fact, he often posts shirtless selfies and videos of his workouts.

But the former reality star was fully clothed in his recent Instagram post. He shared a selfie from the passenger seat of a car. He sports a trendy black shirt and glasses, his hair slicked back for the smooth photo op.

“Nature’s clock is set by the Sun; take a moment to synchronize and let the sunshine guide your rhythm!” he advised his followers in the post’s caption.

While many of his followers shared their own love of the sunshine and nature. However, the comment section was also full of hate for Rachel Linsday and questions about their divorce.

Clears Up Rumors She Didn’t Want Kids

One of the most prevalent rumors surrounding the split is that Rachel didn’t want kids, and Bryan did. The chatter persists, despite Rachel talking about adoption less than a month before the divorce filing.

Such a handsome man and to[sic] bad that Rachel didn’t want family he’s ready to be a father,” one troll wrote in the comments.

The former Bachelorette contestant was quick to jump in the comments to set the record straight.

Rachel did want a family. Things happen as they’re meant to happen. God Bless,” Bryan replied to the comment.

Credit: Bryan Abasolo Instagram

Bryan Abasolo Defends Marriage To Rachel Lindsay

Bryan Abasalo previously spoke out about his decision to file for divorce, but Rachel Lindsay has kept mostly silent. She has the comments turned off on her Instagram after dozens of hateful comments.

Another of Bryan’s followers shared their take on why the marriage didn’t work. They wrote, “You relocated your business from Florida to LA. She was an attorney in Dallas. You tried. Sorry it didn’t work.”

Rachel Lindsay’s ex set the record straight on that comment, too. He revealed that they even sought professional help for their crumbling marriage.

Bryan replied, “Yes, we did try and lived in LA for almost 3 years…couples therapy and all.”

Credit: Bryan Abasolo Instagram

Bryan Abasolo has a long history of defending Rachel Lindsay, including after her tense interview with Chris Harrison. Does it surprise you that he’s still defending her even after filing for divorce? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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