Why Rachel Lindsay & Ex Still Live Together Amid Divorce

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay/Credit: Bryan Abasolo Instagram

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo met and fell in love on The Bachelorette. They announced their separation in January 2024 after four years of marriage.

However, a surprising detail has emerged – they are still living together amid the divorce proceedings. Keep reading to find out the reasons behind this unusual situation and what it might mean for their future.

Bachelorette Couple’s Divorce Gets Messy

The news of Rachel and Bryan’s separation shocked fans who had watched their love story unfold on national television. The couple had seemed deeply in love and committed to building a life together. So why the sudden split?

According to multiple reports, tensions had been building for some time. Bryan reportedly grew frustrated with Rachel’s flightiness and unwillingness to settle down and start a family.

Not much had been reported about the divorce in the four months since he originally filed. However, new court documents revealed many details about the former couple’s split.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: Instagram
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: Instagram

Bryan Abasolo filed for emergency spousal support, claiming an income of only $1,300 a month, despite his job as a chiropractor. He alleged that Rachel Lindsay has been denying him access to their joint money. He further claimed that she was using the money to pay for her lawyers.

The court filings include the bombshell claim from Bryan Abasolo that he put his medical practice on hold more than once for his wife’s burgeoning career.

Since her time on The Bachelorette, she’s worked in television as a correspondent on Extra, starred in a Lifetime movie, published two books, and more.

Why Rachel Lindsay & Ex Still Live Together Amid Divorce

Even more shocking was the revelation that Rachel and Bryan are still living together while the divorce is ongoing. According to court documents, Bryan filed for divorce and listed their separation date as New Year’s Eve, but the former couple still live in the same house.

The reason is simple: Bryan Abasolo claimed in the documents that he can’t afford to move out of their home. Us Weekly reported that he believes he’s entitled to half of the home.

The paperwork he filed described living in the home with his ex as “awkward and strained.” The two reportedly avoid each other. However, he made the shocking claim that Rachel Lindsay installed security camera to capture his comings and goings from the home.

A hearing is scheduled on July 10 to resolve the emergency spousal support filing.

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