‘Bachelorette’ Bryan Abasolo’s Shocking Net Worth

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Amid filing for divorce from Rachel Lindsay, fans are wondering what Bachelorette alum Bryan Abasolo’s net worth is. Keep reading for all the details on how he makes his money.

Bachelorette Couple Ends Marriage After Four Years

Bachelor Nation’s success rate took another hit days into the new year. Season 13 winner Bryan Abasolo filed for divorce on January 2, 2024. He married Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay in 2019 after falling in love on the show in 2017.

Rachel spoke as recently as November about the two trying to expand their family, possibly through adoption.

Bryan listed the date of separation as December 31, 2023, and he did not waste time filing the official paperwork!

In addition to wanting to end his marriage, he’s seeking spousal support. Many Bachelor Nation fans slammed him for that because he owns a successful business and shouldn’t need her money. So, how much is Bryan Abasolo worth?

What Does Bryan Abasolo Do For A Career?

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay connected immediately on The Bachelorette. He earned both her first impression rose and her final rose.

Anyone who watched that season knows that Bryan is a licensed chiropractor. He originally had a practice in Florida, the Miami Disc & Laser Therapy Center. However, after marrying Rachel Lindsay, he packed up his life and moved to California.

He is now the owner and CEO of Beverly Hills Disc & Laser Therapy Center. Rachel Lindsay confessed on Nick Viall’s podcast in December that Bryan’s job takes up a lot of his time.

“Bryan is a sole practitioner [and] he leaves the house at 8. He comes home at 9 o’clock, 9:30 [at night] sometimes. It’s just him by himself.”

According to Forbes, chiropractors in California earn over $82,000 per year.

Side Gigs

Cracking people’s spines isn’t Bryan Abasolo’s only source of income. He has a few side gigs as well. In 2021, he began co-hosting the Talking It Out podcast with Bachelor Nation alum Mike Johnson.

He currently hosts the Dr. Abs Healthcast podcast.

Bryan has also become something of a social media influencer by posting health and fitness videos on his Instagram.

Bryan Abasolo’s Shocking Net Worth

Adding up his income as a doctor and his social media content, what is Bryan Abasolo’s net worth? According to In Touch, his net worth is between $1 million to $1.5 million.

That number isn’t far off from Rachel Lindsay’s net worth, which may be why fans are wondering about the request for spousal support.

Credit: Rachel Lindsay Instagram
Credit: Rachel Lindsay Instagram

Does Bryan Abasolo’s net worth surprise you? Were you expecting it to be more or less? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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