Why Isn’t ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t a new episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on tonight? More so, when will it be back, and what is airing in its place? Read on for more details on the situation.

Why Isn’t My Big Fat Fabulous Life On Tonight?

This has been a big season for My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The family matriarch, Babs, passed away and everyone had to learn how to live without her. That being said, Glenn Thore struggled with being single and without his wife. However, he had a long-lost daughter whom he finally got to reconnect with. This was huge for everyone who knew the Thore family as they were shocked that this had never come up. They met with Angie via FaceTime and there was a whole extended family, including grandkids and great-grandkids Glenn was going to get to meet. Whitney Way Thore and her brother, Hunter, headed out with Glenn on a road trip to meet their new family.

Whitney Way Thore-YouTube
Whitney, Glenn-YouTube

They went to Alabama and were welcomed with open arms but, of course, Whitney found a way to make fans mad. She had her consistent tone-deaf moments like mocking the pronunciation of Alabama. However, things became truly interesting when Glenn invited his new family on a Switzerland adventure. More so, this trip makes Glenn contemplate relocating to Alabama so he can be with his family he lost so much time. That traumatized Whitney who feels abandoned by another parent. So, why is the show not airing this evening?

Whitney Way Thore-Instagram
Whitney Way Thore-Instagram

That last episode served as the Season 11 finale of My Big Fat Fabulous Life so sadly, it is over for now. Will there be a Season 12? Whitney Way Thore has since confirmed they have already started filming so that should make fans of the show happy. Hopefully, her new family and all of their adventures will be a part of the show, as well as they were a fun addition. So, what will be airing in its place?

A New Season

Taking the place of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is the Season 4 premiere episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters to prep for the Season 5 premiere. Starting Tuesday, December 12th will be the new season of the hit TLC series revolving around Tammy Slaton and her sister, Amy. They are both going through it this year. Amy and her husband, Michael Halterman have decided to end their marriage. At the same time, Tammy has left her weight loss facility and her new husband, Caleb Willingham behind. He eventually passed away so fans will get to watch this all go down.

Are you sad that My Big Fat Fabulous Life is over or no? More so, are you ready for the new season of 1000-Lb. Sisters? Let us know in the comments below.

Amanda Lauren


    1. I can’t wait for my big fat fabulous life to come back on. I love Whitney and her family. I would really be sad if it was over already, we love you Whitney and we know what you’re going through and your daddy. and all my brothers and sisters too and it’s hard but times will get better sweetheart for you and your daddy. just let him be him and you be you because you’re both fabulous. Love you. God bless you both. Mom is happening now. she’s in heaven with the Lord. 🌹💖🙏💖

  1. I’ve watched this show from the very beginning, and now it’s like all the other reality shows….done with it…Whitney needs to grow up and quit being a brat….and let her dad live his life…..

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