Ryan Paevey Violated And Livid, Exposes Thief In Epic Rant

Photo: Ryan Paevey Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Steve Wilkie

Ryan Paevey may be a Hallmark Hunk, but he has been forced to battle social media scammers on his own. Recently, the General Hospital alum exposed a social media thief in an epic rant. He may feel livid over this violation, but the Unleashing Mr. Darcy star knows how to take a scammer down.

What recently happened to Ryan Paevey?

Photo: Ryan PaeveyCredit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Steven Ackerman
Photo: Ryan Paevey
Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Steven Ackerman

Ryan Paevey Exposes Thief In Epic Rant

Over the years, Ryan Paevey has warned his loyal fans, the Paevey Pack, to be aware of scam accounts. He has warned fans that he is not slipping into their DMs. Instead, they are scammers. His fans recently got to see him take down scammers to the applause of his devoted following.

On this occasion, a new Twitter account called @RyanPaeveyActor posted a photo of the handsome actor playing an acoustic guitar. The caption said, “Need someone I’ll sing for 🌹 I think that’ll be my crush 🥹.”

An unsuspecting fan quickly responded. “I love a man who can play guitar! <3 any girl you play for would be lucky! Keep being creative! I love seeing what you do! xox”

Paevey saw this and exploded. But, the scammer hid Ryan’s many replies. Now, the GH alum was furious. “Hiding my replies shows how bad at this you are…imagine being so bad at everything in life, you turn to thievery…only to find out you’re sh** at that too. Pathetic.”

Now, the scammer was trying to appease the fired-up actor. They wrote in a now-removed post, “Hey Ryan Paevey can we talk on private send me a text OK.”

Ryan laid down the gauntlet. “Eat sh**.”

Then things got even crazier. The fake account copied Ryan’s tweets on their account and shared them just a couple of hours after Ryan posted on his own account. It was ridiculous!!

Eventually, Paevey found some humor in the whole matter. It sounded like he pinpointed where the scammer was located and was a recognized name.

“It’s funny, the region of origin changes, and I’ve started to pick up on where they’re from based on the kind of bad English they speak, haha. Lately, most IP addresses show Nigeria. Who knew that I’d make it over there? 😂🤷🏽‍♂️”

Fans, be aware, the scam site is still up.

Photo: Ryan PaeveyCredit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Steven Ackerman
Photo: Ryan Paevey
Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Steven Ackerman

Darcy Star Is Currently Going To Auditions

On Ryan Paevey’s most active social media account, Instagram, Ryan has recently revealed that he has returned to going on auditions. That is because the SAG-AFTRA strike has finally been resolved.

Unless Ryan was auditioning for an unknown new Hallmark series, it seems likely he is auditioning for a new role. Hallmark does not require their actors to audition for movie parts, only for some of its series.

Also, Ryan offers fans the ability to subscribe on the social media platform. He promises more content that includes BTS from his acting projects, as well as more of him making jewelry as well as travels.

Hallmark fans, what do you think of Ryan Paevey’s actions? Have you seen social media imposters trying to impersonate the From Friend To Fiancé star? Currently, Paevey can be seen in the Countdown To Christmas movie Under The Christmas Sky. In addition, Ryan, along with several other Hallmark Hunks, are part of People’s Sexiest Men Alive issue. Be sure to check out their pictorial.

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