Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble Unveil Their Beautiful Christmas Card

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Kris Jenner and her longtime partner, Corey Gamble, unveiled their beautiful Christmas card. The KarJenner family takes the holidays very seriously, especially Kris. Now, she and Corey have their special keepsake and it is fabulous. Read on for more details and to see the card.

Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble Unveil Their Beautiful Christmas Card

When it comes to every single holiday, Kris Jenner goes over the top. One year, she got all of her girls personalized dollhouses. In each one, they were tailored to the girl’s interests and lifestyles which showed her attention to detail. Plus, she loves to make it an event to remember which is probably why the KarJenner ladies go all out for birthday parties. Now, the holidays are inching closer. That being said, some families are starting to take photos for their holiday cards. As for Kris and her longtime beau, Corey Gamble, they are already right on top of that.

Corey Gamble Kisses Kris Jenner [Credit: YouTube]
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According to People, Kris was thrilled to share a sneak peek at the couple’s 2023 holiday card.

“It’s here! I’m so excited to share a look at my 2023 holiday card with @coreygamble. We loved creating this with @Shutterfly, and hope you love it too! Happy Holidays! #Holiday #Holidays #HolidayCard #ChristmasCard #ShutterflyIt.”

Surrounded by various shades of pink decor and pine cones, the couple is dressed in tropical white and holding hands. More so, the card has a light pink background with gold writing that says “Happy Holidays.” It closes with them saying: “xoxo Kris & Corey.”


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So, what do Kris Jenner’s followers and fans have to say about the couple’s holiday card which was simple yet elegant? Many said that they loved her Christmas cards and complimented the aesthetic. Additionally, she received a lot of heart and love eye emojis over comments. Fans said that they would actually buy the card if it was just Kris solo. Already, her daughter, Khloe Kardashian liked the post on Instagram but the kids seem to like Corey.

Tough Ride

It has been a tough ride for Kris Jenner when it comes to love. She was married to Robert Kardashian with whom she had four children. Ultimately, they divorced and he has since passed but after him, she wed Caitlyn Jenner. Together, they welcomed two more children, Kendall and Kylie but that also ended in divorce. She met Corey Gamble almost a decade ago as things were beginning to fall apart with Caitlyn. It has been rumored they have tied the knot but nothing has been confirmed. Her children have since warmed up to him and Kris seems blissfully in love.

What do you think of Kris and Corey’s holiday card? Would you be happy to receive one? Let us know and watch The Kardashians Thursday on Hulu.

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