Fans Call Kris Jenner’s Deflated Facial Feature ‘Horrifying’

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Recently, The Kardashians star, Kris Jenner’s nose has been the topic of conversation among fans. Several people  are discussing how her nostril seems to be “deflated.” Many are thinking it is from a plastic surgery makeover that went wrong.

Noticeable Cosmetic Changes

Notably, fans are very aware that The Kardashians stars have undergone cosmetic changes for many years with information from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But last month, Kris Jenner started getting criticism for an alleged “deflated nostril” after attending Victoria Beckham’s fashion show in Paris, France. At the time, Kris wore a black dress topped with a black leather jacket and diamond necklaces. At the event, she was joined by Kim Kardashian and Corey Gamble.

Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner / YouTube

Fans Observe Kris Jenner’s Deflated Facial Feature

As fans observe in close-up photos of Kris Jenner on Reddit, they can’t help but be disturbed by the apparent nostril “collapse.

  • One commenter says, “Wait. Wtf is up with that nostril?! I’d rather just have a big nose and look old than that. Horrifying.”
  • Additionally, someone else comments, “All the money in the world couldn’t help that deflated nostril.”
  • And a blunt commenter replies, “It’s totally collapsed.”

Meanwhile, many users are blaming plastic surgery for the noticeable issue with Kris Jenner’s nose.

  • Sadly, one user reflects, “I also thought how beautiful Kris would be if she would have left her face alone. She would have aged beautifully.” Several others echo how graceful her aging could have been without having work done.

Surgery Or Drug-Related

In another Reddit thread, people speculated whether Kris Jenner’s nose change was due to a botched surgery or possibly drug-related.

  • Someone says, “To be fair, Kris’s skin is still pretty great for her age. Her nose job is f***ed because she probably had way too many revisions (and I dunno about the coke nose thing, but maybe that too?). Women, and humans in general, are supposed to age. I’m glad your mom looks good, but we can’t all be expected to look 30-40 forever. It’s not the norm to have no wrinkles at this age. We’re just in shock because of how filtered Kris normally looks in photos.”
  • One person points out, “Fair enough! I do think the overdone surgeries end up looking weird as people age. Scary to think of the maintenance and body dysmorphia Kylie and Khloe will have in their 70s with how much work they’ve already had. How will it look as they age?”

Kris Jenner’s nostril – bad nose job or playing with the snow?
byu/Change0fdirecti0n inKUWTKsnark

Fans Express Concern That Kris Jenner Might Not Be Able To Breathe

However, this isn’t the first time Kris Jenner’s appearance has struck up fan conversation lately. Last month, critics were concerned that Kris might not be able to breathe after seeing her nose. After a Beyonce concert, Khloe posted a clip that shows them dancing in the party limo. With her head back, fans saw her nostrils had very little space. Sadly, only slits were available for breathing. On Reddit, a commenter says:

  • One says, “There’s no way [Kris] can breathe out of her nose.”
  • Someone else brings up, “Those collapsed nostrils alone would clearly make her a mouth breather which would make her snore and she might even have sleep apnea because of it.”
  • Another jokingly adds, “She must snore like a bison.”

I can’t with her nose here. Can she even breathe from that side???
byu/Western_Designer_995 inKUWTKsnark

What do you think is going on with Kris Jenner’s nose? Do you think she had surgery again that has led to the collapse? Have you been keeping up with the latest episodes of The Kardashians? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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