Tyler Cameron Details Crying In Tub After Hannah Brown Split

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As time moves on Tyler Cameron is opening up more about his breakup with Hannah Brown. As anyone would be, he was devastated when Bachelorette Hannah chose Jed Wyatt over him at the final rose ceremony. Now, he’s detailing what happened after that fateful day that sent him home brokenhearted. Keep reading to find out more about what Tyler had to say.

Tyler Cameron cries in tub after Hannah Brown breakup

Tyler Cameron is opening up more about his split from Hannah Brown. He appeared on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. It turns out Tyler handled his heartache the old-fashioned way. He said, “I was very upset. I definitely cried a little bit, got a 12-pack of beer, sat in the bathtub for two hours, put on some Juice WRLD and cried and got over it.”

Fans kept hoping that somehow these two would reconnect and live happily ever after. According to Tyler from previous interviews, he believes if they had stayed together they would have gotten married and somehow made it all work out.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via Instagram

They did reconnect a few different times throughout the years since she turned down his proposal on the show. On her After the Final Rose special, Hannah did ask him out. He was seen leaving her place shortly after. However, it didn’t work out.

Then, they reconnected and were in lockdown together during the COVID pandemic. This also didn’t lead to an everlasting love. There was one other time that could have made a big difference but he just wasn’t ready. Keep reading to learn more.


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Hannah’s special bond with his mom

Tyler Cameron also revealed that Hannah Brown had a strong connection and close bond with his late mother. He said, “My mom was obsessed with her, it would piss me the hell off.” Tyler continued saying, “Always posting about her, I’m like ‘you’re just making it harder for me to like live my own life.’ ‘Cause everyone would go to her, bring it all up and it’d become news stories of this and that, you know?”

When his mom had a brain aneurysm and he was sitting with her in the hospital, Hannah crossed his mind. It was then he got a text from her. She ended up coming to Florida for Tyler’s mom’s funeral. To Tyler, it was a breath of fresh air having her there. He found out too that she and his mom used to talk all the time.

Tyler invited Hannah back to Florida after the funeral. However, he came to realize he was still grieving too much to be in a relationship.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron on YouTube

Hannah went on to meet Adam Woolard and is now engaged. Tyler has yet to find the woman he’s supposed to be.

Do you think Hannah was the one who got away? Do you wish they were back together?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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