‘RHONJ’ Luis Ruelas Reveals What He Does For A Living

Luis and Teresa of RHONJ at BravoCon / YouTube

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast was at BravoCon and took part in panels where fans asked the RHONJ stars questions. During the panel with Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas, one woman asked him what his job was. When he answered, she didn’t seem impressed and walked off.

Here is what Luis said he did for a living and why it didn’t impress the audience.

RHONJ Luis Ruelas reveals what his job is

Actor Michael Rappaport hosted the panel with the RHONJ cast and things went wild when one woman came up to ask a question to Luis Ruelas. Her question was “In 10 words or less, what is your job?” Some people filmed the question and answer session and they showed the woman as she asked, when she then held up 10 fingers to count down his answer.

Luis and Teresa of RHONJ at BravoCon / YouTube

When the camera went back to Luis, Teresa Giudice looked really confused at the question. Luis looked like he had no problem answering the question and started in on the answer. He said, “I monetize social media traffic, so I manage clients to create …” The woman then interrupted him and said “You’re out,” he had already passed the 10-word mark. Rapaport said it was a good answer, and the woman said, “It’s not” and walked off. Everyone in the auditorium began cheering loudly for the woman as Luis and Teresa looked on in bewilderment.

Despite his descriptive answer, Luis has already explained what he does for a living to Andy Cohen (via Life & Style). The RHONJ star told Andy he started a new company in the digital media industry and his job is to manage “lead generation ad sales.” The company is called Digital Media Solutions and the company is actually listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fans react to Luis Ruelas’ job description

Fans on Reddit reacted to the question and answer, and the response was almost exclusively praise for the woman asking the question. The first few commenters talked about how funny it was that Teresa Giudice looked confused at the question. She was likely confused about the “10 words” part, and some joked about how the RHONJ star was confused by math in general.

Other Redditors pointed out that Luis’s answer sounds a lot like what Jen Shah used to tell people she did for a living. Jen is now in prison for telemarketing fraud. However, most of the Redditors praised the woman who asked the question, one calling her a “hero” and the other a “queen.” One RHONJ fan summed it up by writing, “lmfao she ate him up. ‘you’re out'”

What are your thoughts about the RHONJ question for Luis Ruelas and his answer at BravoCon? Was the woman out of line, or did Luis deserve this roasting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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