‘RHOSLC’ Jen Shah Has Prison Sentence Reduced

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah checked herself into Bryan Federal Prison Camp (FPC) to serve her prison sentence. The good news for Jen and her fans is that her sentence is not quite as long as originally announced.

Here is a look at when Jen will get out of prison and how much less time that will be than expected.

When will Jen Shah get out of prison?

Authorities arrested Jen Shah and her assistant Stuart Smith in March 2021. The charges included starting a long-running telemarketing scheme where they stole money from people for a decade. While they both pled not guilty, they eventually each changed their pleas to guilty. Then, the duo accepted their prison sentences.

Jen Shah - RHOSLC - IG

The judge in the case sentenced Jen Shah to 78 months in prison in January and she checked herself in there in February. However, People reported that the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate database has Jen’s release date set as August 30, 2028. That is one full year earlier than the 78 months that she was sentenced to. Furthermore, she also received five years of supervised release after she gets out of prison. She’ll also have to participate in a mental health treatment program after her release.

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Jen Shah also remained a castmate onĀ Real Housewives of Salt Lake City after her guilty plea. Bravo kept filming her for as long as they could. Her criminal case was actually part of the season’s storylines. However, she rejected the offer to be on the reunion special based on comments the judge made about her profiting from the case.

What will Jen Shah do in prison?

Jen Shah said that she has a detailed plan for her entire prison stay, which includes an 18-page release plan with 11 different sections. She also has what she called “deliverables” in her release plan. Jen added she will journal her entire experience and plans to remain “accountable” for her crimes.

She noted she will spend her time in prison reading and writing and she will start sharing her reading journal with fans as well. This will allow fans to read along with whatever it is that Jen has picked out. On top of that, Jen said she intends to repay all the money stolen from her victims so she can make amends. Jen Shah also announced that an administrator will run her Instagram account while she is in prison. This will keep her fans updated on her status. Since that time, they have revealed some information about Jen and her prison stay.

Jen Shah from RHOSLC on Instagram.

This might give some fans a chance to learn more about what Jen is doing while she serves her time for her crimes.

Are you surprised that Jen Shah will serve less time than expected in prison? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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