Andy Cohen Claims Luis Ruelas Is Exposed At Reunion

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Andy Cohen claims that Luis Ruelas is exposed at the Season 13 RHONJ reunion. He has not been a fan favorite for some time now. They often mock his rage or how red Ruelas’ face can get. Yet, there are some things that are just over the top about Teresa Giudice’s husband that end up coming to light. So, what exactly ends up happening? Read on for more details.

Andy Cohen Claims Luis Ruelas Is Exposed At Reunion

The official season of RHONJ ended with the wedding of Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice. Viewers are not fans of Luis in any capacity. One tweeted: “I’m going to say something, then I’m going to go. Luis is a maniac.” Another added: “God, I wish Tre could see what an AWFUL human being Luis is. Of course, he couldn’t wait to marry her, she’s a goldmine, in more ways than one for him.” Others believe that he is going to destroy her. Yet, she is in her love bubble and won’t let anyone pop it. After their wedding special, a clip of the reunion came out and Luis has beef with almost everyone.

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Now, Andy Cohen is opening up about what is going to happen during the Season 13 reunion, where he is the host. According to yahoo!, he got candid on the Chicks in the Office podcast. Cohen said this of the reunion: “It was very combative. I showed my team at Watch What Happens Live the super tease for the reunion last night before the show, and their mouths were on the floor.” So, what about Luis? He did claim he had hired a PI and in the trailer, he seems to have dirt on everyone. Furthermore, he has a security guard out front as the couple apparently received death threats.

“It’s super dramatic. Because there’s a lot about Louis that comes out at the reunion. And there’s a big conversation about this Bo Dietl private investigator. Does he have information on everyone?” Andy Cohen questioned. Luis then alleged he did not really have this secret person investigating everyone but it all comes to blows at the reunion when answers are demanded. Ruelas decided to change his story and that was when things got heated.

Turn Up The Heat

Per Andy Cohen: “And I’m here to tell you, that was not his story at the reunion. It was far different. And we really got into it. And it’s a major point of contention.” It seems that both Cohen and the cast just wanted to know the truth. They did not care for Luis Ruelas’ lies or fabrications about having people watching and following them. Does he know too much or nothing at all? It seems that will all come out during the reunion. However, Teresa does walk off and demand cameras stop following her so that should be interesting to see.

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