‘Golden Bachelor’ Ends With Cliffhanger, Who Are Final Two?

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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner left fans with a huge cliffhanger on Thursday night. Fans saw Gerry travel to his three finalists’ hometowns and interact with family. At the end of the episode, he was forced to narrow his choices from three to two. He gave a rose to Leslie and still had to make a decision between Theresa and Faith. What will happen and who will be Gerry’s final two? Keep reading to find out more.

Golden Bachelor  Gerry Turner ended hometown dates with a cliffhanger

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner has a huge decision to make. He visited three hometowns on Thursday night and so far has only given one woman a rose. After Jesse Palmer told him and the ladies it was the final rose that night, Gerry became emotional and walked out of the rose ceremony.

He noted feeling like he was going to throw up. Previews show Gerry telling host Jesse Palmer that he knows what he wants to do but doesn’t want to do it.

Who will be sent home and who will get the other rose?


Reality Steve has already shared who Gerry’s final two women are. So, fans will see Gerry send Faith Martin home next Thursday night. She already declared she wanted to be with him and he seemed to be falling for her as well. However, it comes down to stronger feelings for Leslie and Theresa. Gerry has to decide who will fit better into his life as a forever partner.

The Women Tell All 

Next Thursday after Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner tells Faith goodbye, the show will resume with the Women Tell All. Gerry will face the women he sent home and all of Bachelor Nation’s favorites will be there.

Of course, Faith will be there as well. She will face Gerry for the first time since he sent her home after hometown dates. Previews show Gerry getting extremely emotional and crying as he tells her he did not want to hurt her.

After the Women Tell All, there will be fantasy suite dates airing on November 16. The following week the show will take a break for Thanksgiving. Then, the finale will air on November 30.

Will Gerry find the love he’s been craving? Will he make a proposal? Fans won’t want to miss the dramatic conclusion to this epic love story.

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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