‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Loses It, Breaks Down

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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner kickstarted Season 1 with Bachelor Nation fans raving about him. Actually, the lack of trolling was a rarity. However, he found some disapproval recently. And now that he broke down, lost it, and cursed, he found more critics.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Left With Three Women

The latest spoilers about the breakdown came after the hometown visits. Already, the 72-year-old lost favor with Bachelor Nation fans because he said, “I love you” to two of his contestants. Everyone who watches the ABC show knows that is a fatal mistake. So, scorn came on social media, with people claiming that he’s just “a playa.” Now, he gets a bit more of a roasting as he’s down to just three women to choose from and people think he’s not sincerely in love.

While most people rave about Gerry Turner from The Golden Bachelor, he’s human with faults just like younger suitors. April Kirkwood was one of the few contestants who didn’t gush about him. For a start, they had different choices in music. Plus, she felt that he was quite rude sometimes, as he ignored her or looked through her. So, it was a no from her, and she’s relieved that she didn’t hook up with the wrong man.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Leaves His Three Women Standing

The family of Theresa Nist, who works in finance met the lead of the new Bachelor Nation show. During the hometown visit, her grandson even hoped that he’d marry his grandmother. Well, she was one of those left standing on the carpet while the potential new grandpa had a meltdown. In fact, he cried and cursed production as he stormed from the room during the rose ceremony.

'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner Loses It, Breaks Down - ABC
Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner melts down – ABC

The Sun reported that the Golden Bachelor star also left Faith and Leslie Fhima trying to maintain their composure. In fact, it must have been excruciating for them. It seemed as if Gerry Turner couldn’t bring himself to disappoint one of the women. Actually, he’s convinced he loves all three of them. And, it’s possible that he does. But, he has no choice but to send one home. And that made him want to “throw up.”

ABC Fans Were Unimpressed With The Drama

Golden Bachelor fans felt for Faith Martin, Leslie, and Theresa. On Reddit, one fan of the show said, “People don’t seem to distinguish between “falling in love” and being attracted to someone. Love shouldn’t even be mentioned at this point. Gerry deserves to throw up for leading them all on. They deserve to have their hopes dashed because they jumped in full guns a blazing too soon.”

Another commenter noted, “I think he’s liking the idea of these women all worshipping him and would like to be banging all of them. That maybe he doesn’t really want to get married but is liking the possibilities of being an eligible bachelor. Upset that he’s going to piss one off before he gets a chance to bang her.”

A third member of the community opined, “Don’t forget. He’s still in love with his wife. He really shouldn’t be on this show. He’s still grieving.”

Credit: Golden Bachelor YouTube
Credit: Golden Bachelor YouTube

What do you think about Leslie, Theresa, and Faith being left standing while Gerry Turner stormed off crying and cursing?  Do you think that Gerry Turner really loves three women? Actually, that happens very often on Bachelor Nation. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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