Christine Brown Flaunts Sexy Slim Body In Daring Sheer Dress

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Sister Wives is well into Season 18, but Christine Brown isn’t watching it. Instead, she’s with her brand new husband, David Woolley, and she’s flaunting her slim figure in a sexy outfit. Additionally, her friend, Kody’s estranged second wife, Janelle Brown is with them. Read on to see Christine’s stunning sexy outfit that might give Kody an apoplexy.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Ditches Modesty

TLC fans know that Kody frowned on his wives flaunting their assets in sexy outfits. Well, when his former third wife met David Woolley, she brought along her old style, a lot of baggage, and a ton of complex relationships. However, they met, matched, and married, and out came the new willowy woman with a figure to flaunt any way she chose. And, make no mistake, she does it so very well.

Christine Brown shocked TLC fans when she and her then-husband-to-be went to Nashville for a conference. Not only did she look like she had just rumpled the bedsheets, but she wore an off-the-shoulder dress. Later they were seen enjoying a wild party at the Coyote Ugly Saloon. Notably, when Kody dances, he does go wild, but it’s not likely you’ll see girls dancing on the bar top when he’s around.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Stuns In Sexy Sheer Dress

After their wedding, David Woolley and his wife went on their honeymoon to Disneyland. Now, Janelle Brown joined them on vacation. Remember, the two women are great friends, and where one goes, the other also goes. In a photo that arrived on Instagram, Janelle wore 3/4 length pants, sandals, and a lilac top. David wore a Star Wars top with jeans and boots. However, all eyes went to his wife who looked stunning in a sexy sheer dress.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Flaunts Sexy Slim Body In Daring Sheer Dress - Instagram
Sister Wives – Christine Brown, David Woolley, and Janelle Brown  – Instagram

Sister Wives fans have seen Christine Brown looking sexy with her style in the past. However, her sheer outfit probably tops everything else. In her caption, the TLC star wrote, “In the very beginning of our relationship, I told David that Janelle and her kids are part of me. Not as in we were living polygamy again, but she’s my Sisterwife, always. Of course, they get along great. Vacationing with all of us is awesome.” In her hashtags, she let fans know they are a Plexus cruise.

TLC Fans React To The Amazing Dress

Christine Brown and Janelle both found praise from fans. However, a sheer sexy dress like that couldn’t pass by with no mention. In the comments, one follower wrote, “I’m so happy for you!!!!!! You’re glowing! And that dress is fire!”

Another viewer said, “Christine!!! You LOOK FANTASTIC!!!!! The glow and happiness is evident! You’re inspiring!”

Here’s a third comment: “You all look fabulous. I’m loving that outfit Christine you can see confidence & such a glow.”

Are you happy to see that Janelle Brown joined David Woolley and Christine on their vacation? What about that stunning sheer dress that Christine flaunted? Do you think that Kody Brown might just about have a heart attack? Let us know in the comments below.

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