Christine Brown & David Woolley Enjoy WILD Nashville Party

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from Instagram

Christine Brown and David Woolley were recently spotted enjoying the Nashville nightlife — and perhaps having a little too much fun.

The Sister Wives star spent much of her life adhering to strict polygamous values. Now that she’s out from under Kody Brown‘s thumb, she’s ready for a good time.

So what exactly went down in Nashville?

Christine Brown lets her hair down in the South

The Sun reports that David and Christine were visiting Nashville as part of a Plexus event. Although Christine recently stopped selling LuLaRoe products, she’s still selling Plexus for the time being.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Sister Wives, TLCSourced from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

A partygoer told The Sun that the Sister Wives star and her group showed up to the exclusive “Boots & Bling” party at the Wildhorse Saloon. Janelle Brown and Maddie Brush were reportedly part of the bunch.

“There were about 500 people inside. It was packed!” the source told the publication. “Christine and her group waited in line just like everyone else, but they didn’t end up staying long.”

The group then went to the Coyote Ugly Saloon — somewhere Sister Wives viewers never expected to see Christine Brown. Maddie and Janelle reportedly left before the group entered the saloon.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Sister Wives, TLCSourced from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

“There were girls dancing on the bar and a lot of inappropriate things going on inside,” the source continued. They went on to say that Christine, David, and the rest of their group sat in the corner and watched the sexually-charged chaos from afar.

Trying new things can be fun, but it seemed like the wild party was a bit much for the TLC personality. The Sun‘s source revealed that Christine’s group stayed for less than 30 minutes and then departed.

The TLC star has entered a brand new chapter of life

When Sister Wives first premiered on TLC, Christine Brown was more calm, quiet, and reserved. She was known for her fun-loving nature, but also avoided drama and didn’t like to make waves.

Now that she’s left Kody Brown for good, it seems like she’s embraced a bolder personality too. Many fans agree that she’s completely transformed. On top of visiting the Nashville bar scene, she also has a new chest tattoo and wears more revealing dresses.

Sister Wives will be back for Season 18, although TLC hasn’t publically revealed many details about it yet. However, fans sincerely hope that they’ll get to catch a glimpse of the newly transformed Christine Brown.

At the very least, Sister Wives viewers can’t wait to see Christine roast her ex-husband a little more.

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