‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Stuns Vanna White With Odd Comment About Pat Sajak

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Live! with Kelly and Mark hosted Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune and Kelly Ripa either made a blooper or a joke about Pat Sajak. Either way, she stunned her guest and farmed a few laughs. What did the ABC morning show host say ? Read on to find out.

Live Kelly Ripa Hosts Vanna White From Wheel Of Fortune

Recently, Vanna White has been chatting on the ABC talk show. So far, they covered the fact that Mark Consuelos and his wife both claim that Ryan Seacrest cannot spell to save his life. Of course, with him taking over from Pat Sajak, they felt they should bring it to Vanna’s attention. Fortunately, she was polite enough to counter that he hadn’t messed up a single text to her yet.

Kelly Ripa has been on her ABC talk show since 2001. Meanwhile, Vanna has been with Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune since 1982. That’s a really long time so, it’s not clear how Kelly made a mistake on Live. If u don’t know, Vanna keeps her private life very private, but she’s been with John Donaldson since 2012. Not that they plan on tying the knot soon.


Live Kelly Ripa Stuns Vanna White

In a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the two hosts got to talking about how well they know each other. Mark Consuelos’ wife claims that she “knows him so well,” she can tell what mood he’s in just from hearing him “walk up the stairs.” While she laughed about that, the Wheel of Fortune co-host seemed a bit shocked with what came next.

Kelly Ripa Stuns Vanna White On Pat Sajak - Live with Kelly and Mark - ABC
Kelly Ripa, Vanna White, and Mark Consuelos – Live with Kelly and Mark – ABC

Vanna White and Pat Sajak go back a very long way. Actually, he’s sometimes referred to as her TV husband. However, everything is reportedly totally not romantic. So, it seems a bit shocking that Kelly Ripa blurted out that for a very “long time,” she thought that Vanna White and Pat Sajak “were married.” How did Vanna react on Live! with Kelly and Mark? Well, The Sun reported that she laughed.

Joking Or Truly Ignorant?

Vanna White raised her eyebrows, but she took it well. Especially, when you consider that she and Pat worked so hard to keep things platonic between them.

Do you think that Kelly Ripa really believed that Vanna White was married to Pat Sajak? Or, was she just joking with the Wheel of Fortune co-host? Surely she must have known that they hadn’t tied the knot? Sometimes, it’s not easy to judge whether she’s serious or just playing about. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, come back here often for more updates about the host of Live! with Kelly and Mark. 

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