Vanna White First Time Publicly Endorses Her Replacement?

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Many Wheel of Fortune fans believed Vanna White should have taken over as Pat Sajak’s replacement. When she wasn’t offered the gig, fans suspected she would follow him out the door to retirement. So, it came as a surprise when news broke that Vanna agreed to an extension of her contract through the 2025 and 2026 seasons.

Now, fans of the game show are faced with another question. Who will serve as Vanna White’s replacement if she doesn’t extend her contract again after the 2026 Season? Turns out, there has already been a lot of chatter about who should be the next to step into Vanna White’s shoes. Furthermore, it appears as if Vanna White herself may be endorsing this replacement as a good idea.

Just who is this mystery person? Keep reading for the details.

Vanna White First Time Publicly Endorses Her Replacement?

Two days ago, Pat Sajak’s daughter took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and Vanna White standing in front of the Wheel Of Fortune letter board. In the caption, Maggie noted that she loved Vanna.


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Standing next to Maggie Sajak, Wheel Of Fortune fans admit they were stunned at how incredible Vanna looked. Fans agreed that people who didn’t know Vanna’s age wouldn’t believe she was approaching 70 years old just by looking at this photo.

In the photo, Vanna White rocked a large sparking black dress. She paired the dress with stylish strappy heels. Maggie, who appeared to be a few inches taller than Vanna, paired a snug long-sleeved white top with a short beige skirt. Maggie also brought her look together with a pair of strappy heels. Hers, however, were white to match her top.

Both of these lovely women flashed pearly white smiles for the camera. Maggie wrapped her arm around Vanna’s shoulders. And, Vanna wrapped her arm behind Maggie. Maggie Sajak’s other arm was planted on her thigh.


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Vanna White, on the other hand, placed her hand on her hip with her elbow bent as she struck half of a Superman pose.

Many suspected this photo was Vanna’s way of endorsing that Maggie would make an excellent replacement for her when she retired.

Wheel of Fortune Fans Love This Idea

In the comments, fans doted on how beautiful these women were. Moreover, they begged Vanna White to just give Maggie the job. Others excitedly questioned if Maggie would take over the job “one day.” As Pat Sajak’s daughter, fans agreed she was the perfect replacement for Vanna.


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At the very least, fans suspect Maggie will be filling in for Vanna White on dates she’s unable to work.

Do you think Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie should replace Vanna White when she retires? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on your favorite TV shows.

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