Vanna White In Denial Over ‘TV Husband’ Pat Sajak’s Final Spin

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Undoubtedly, Vanna White is having a hard time with the inevitable departure of her long-time Wheel of Fortune partner in crime, Pat Sajak. She acknowledges on Live With Kelly And Mark that she is struggling with the idea of him retiring.

Vanna White Is Trying To Cope

Big changes are hard on most people. Undeniably, Pat Sajak, who has been a staple of Wheel of Fortune, retiring comes with a huge amount of transition. While all the details are not out, the world knows that Pat Sajak is set to retire presumedly after the current season. But this comes with the ripple effect of Vanna White losing her self-proclaimed, “TV Husband” after spending 41 years on the show together.

Vanna Goes Live With Kelly And Mark

Admittedly, Vanna White is not fully accepting her longtime counterpart Pat Sajak is retiring. During Live with Kelly and Mark, Vanna tells about her expectations of Pat’s last Wheel of Fortune episode. In the October 27 Live episode, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos welcome Vanna and ask openly about taking her “final spin” with her co-host of 41 years. Inquiringly, Mark asks, “Have you thought about the final spin?”

Vanna White Struggles With His Retirement

Vanna somewhat cringes and says, “I can’t think about it. After 41 years together?” With her voice shaking she manages to say, “It’s- it’s hard.” Digging a bit deeper, Kelly asks if they have discussions of what the goodbye episode in June 2024 will look like. Steering away, Vanna just says, “We haven’t discussed it.” Relatably, Vanna continues, “You guys are married. You know how this works.” Intuitively, she expresses, “We’ve been together for so long that when he walks up the stairs, I can tell what kind of mood he’s in.”


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And while Vanna White jokes about her and Pat Sajak being work “wife” and “husband,” they aren’t married. However, Kelly Ripa points out, “For years, I mean, I think I speak for a lot of people. I thought you and Pat were married.” Laughably, she continues, “Imagine my surprise when Pat came to our house for dinner one night…” Finishing Kelly’s sentence, Mark inserts, “And you weren’t there!” Shockingly, Kelly admits, “I was like, ‘Oh my god! Pat and Vanna must have gotten divorced!’” Vanna replies, “That’s funny, that is too funny.”

Out With The Old, In With The New

While the audience erupts in laughter, the show transitions topics to Vanna White’s soon-to-be co-host, Ryan Seacrest. Since Ryan used to co-host Live previously, Kelly had plenty to say. Vanna says, “I have spoken to Ryan. He’s so nice, he’s so excited.” Understandably, Kelly relates, “When a host leaves and another host comes in you never know what you’re going to get.” She admits she is glad the “new version” of Pat, is also a nice guy. Jokingly, begging for information, Vanna says, “You have to tell me everything!”

Mark retorts, “He can’t spell.”They joke about his texting being terrible and knowing he is trying to say “something,” but not understanding exactly what. Laughing, Vanna says, “Thanks for the warning!”

How do you feel about his final spin approaching and Vanna White and Pat Sajak parting ways? Are you ready to see how Ryan Seacrest will do as the Wheel of Fortune host? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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