Do ‘BIP’ Rachel Recchia, Brayden Bowers Stay Together?

Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers via YouTube

Fans are eager to know what happens with Bachelor in Paradise couple Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers. These two sparked rumors at Charity Lawson’s After the Final Rose special when they sat together. They appeared comfy and flirtatious with each other. So, what happens between these two? Keep reading to find out everything that is known about these two. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Do Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers stay together?

Fans are dying to know if Bachelor in Paradise couple Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers stay together. They appear to be really into each other. Is it enough to make it last past the beach?

There seems to be chemistry between them and they are hitting it off. Will Brayden be the one to finally win Rachel’s heart?

Reality Steve has the scoop on these two. According to spoilers given by Steven, Rachel and Brayden do not have what it takes to form a lasting relationship in Paradise. Steve shared that Brayden will be eliminated at rose ceremony number four when he is not given a rose. Sadly he will leave alone once again.

Rachel Recchia Ravishing In Red [Source: Rachel Recchia - Instagram]

It’s unclear what exactly will happen between Rachel and Brayden to end their short relationship. Perhaps she just decides she doesn’t see a future with him.

As for Rachel, she will continue to look for love on the beach. In fact, Steve says she will have a short relationship with Tanner Courtad. Unfortunately, they break up as well. Ultimately, Rachel will decide it’s just not going to happen for her. She will not find love in Paradise. 

So, Rachel will self-eliminate at some point during Season 9.

Brayden Bowers and Rachel Recchia via YouTube

Do they reconnect after the show?

After seeing Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers at After the Final Rose, fans wonder if perhaps they could have reconciled after the show. They certainly looked cozy during the live show.

However, nobody knows if they actually reconnected after Bachelor in Paradise was finished filming. The two have not spoiled anything on social media indicating a reunion.

So, if they are dating they are doing a good job at keeping it a secret. Chances are they are just friends.

Brayden Bowers via Insta 2

Rachel is having a rough time finding the one she’s meant to be with. Clayton Echard and Tino Franco both broke her heart. Perhaps like so many others she will find love organically outside of The Bachelor franchise.

What do you think? Do you think Rachel and Brayden would make a good couple off the beach?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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