‘BIP’ Fans Divided Over Kat Izzo & Brayden Bowers Drama

Kat Izzo and Brayden Bowers/Credit: ABC YouTube

Did Kat Izzo use Brayden Bowers? Fans are divided over the Bachelor In Paradise drama between the two after her date with someone else. Keep reading to see what Bachelor Nation fans are saying.

Bachelor In Paradise Couples Shakeup

Contestants who strike out on Bachelor and Bachelorette converge on a beach in Mexico to make a love connection with a fellow alum. However, the twist is that not all of the contestants arrive at the same time, and the initial connection from one day might not make it to the next day if someone more interesting comes along.

That’s what happened on the latest episode of BIP. New arrivals shook up the connections between several couples. Will Urena got rejected for the second time, and it was only the third episode of Season 9!

He was first linked to Kylee Russell until Aven Jones arrived. Urena then set his sights on Mercedes Northup. But she cast him aside when Tyler Norris turned up on the beach.

But the love triangle drama that has fans divided is what went down between Kat Izzo and Brayden Bowers. The Season 20 Bachelorette suitor felt he had a strong connection with Izzo. But then Tanner Courtad entered the picture, and Bowers realized the connection wasn’t as strong as he thought.

Did Kat Izzo Use Brayden Bowers?

Kat Izzo accepted Tanner Courad’s date invitation, and the two went horseback riding on the beach.

Credit/ABC YouTube
Credit/ABC YouTube

Meanwhile, Brayden Bowers was “tripping out” over the thought of losing Izzo, per Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve shown her my heart. I’ve shown her who I am, and if I’m not enough, that’s just something I’m going to have to accept,” he said in a confession.

But did he accept it? After returning from her romantic date, Izzo sat down with Bowers to hash it out. “… I have to listen my gut at the end of the day, and I just don’t know if I see things growing anymore between you and I,” she explained to him.

However, Brayden Bowers went to Wells Adams to vent about the situation, causing Kat Izzo to confront him a second time.

“I feel hurt. I feel cheap,” he lashed out.

Despite Brayden Bowers being the villain of Season 20, many Bachelor Nation fans rallied on his behalf. In a post on the /bachelorinparadise subreddit titled “Kat is a mean girl,” Redditors vented over Izzo’s actions.

“She had NO empathy for Brayden’s feelings. She is also so defensive and you can tell she really cares with other people think of her to her detriment,” the main post read.

Another commentator agreed, writing, “When she went back to talk to Brayden a second time, she immediately started off with a harsh tone and began arguing how she did nothing wrong without bothering to ask Brayden why he felt the way he did or apologize for not having a conversation with him.”

One BIP fan called Kat Izzo a “complete fake” who only used Brayden Bowers for a rose.

She Has Her Defenders

Kat Izzo had her defenders on the /BachelorNation subreddit, though. One BIP fan wrote, “This is a dramatic take lol. She def didn’t treat Brayden right and there’s really no excuse for that but she didn’t do anything wrong by accepting the date with Tanner.”

A few fans were of the opinion that Kat Izzo didn’t “owe” Brayden Bowers anything.

Whose side are you on in the Kat Izzo vs. Brayden Bowers drama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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