‘BIP’ Fans Speculate, Rachel Recchia, Brayden Bowers Dating?

Brayden Bowers and Rachel Recchia via YouTube

Bachelor in Paradise fans are speculating that something could be going on between Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers. The two were seen sitting together at Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette After the Final Rose special. The live event had fans going nuts on social media with everyone wanting to know what is going on between these two. Keep reading to find out more.

Are Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers dating?

The rumor mill is churning and fans are wanting to know why Rachel Recchia and Brayden Bowers were sitting together at After the Final Rose. It’s already been confirmed that Brayden is heading to the beach this summer. On the Monday night special, it was also confirmed that Rachel Recchia is heading to the beach as well.

So, since they were both in Paradise did something happen between them? Right now that still remains a mystery. Reality Steve has not shared any information about Rachel having a connection with Brayden.

So, while it is possible Steve does not know all the spoilers just yet, he does not currently have them connected. This also doesn’t mean that they didn’t start talking post-show and pursuing a relationship. But, remember, this is all just speculation.

Most likely the two became friends on the beach and producers sat them together to get everyone talking. Fans saw producers using their evil skills to get the rumor mill churning as to why Barbara and Peter Weber were in the audience. People were going nuts speculating that it was going to be Pilot Pete getting a second chance at the leading role.

This too did not happen. So it seems most likely that fans are freaking out over nothing.

Are they dating anyone?

There really is not a lot of information out there about Rachel and Brayden’s relationship status. Anything could have happened post-show. Fans have seen it happen in the past with other contestants. An example was Tia Booth. She left BIP single and then hooked up with the love of her life just shortly after filming ended.

So, fans will, unfortunately, have to wait and continue to guess until more spoilers come out or fans see Bachelor in Paradise play out on screen.

Do you think producers were just trying to mess with fans by having Brayden and Rachel sit together at After the Final Rose? 

Do you think they would make a good couple? Stay tuned for more updates.

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