Matthew Perry Seen Looking Disheveled Before Death

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Matthew Perry died on Saturday night after an apparent drowning at the age of 54. While the exact cause of Perry’s death remains a mystery, photos that surfaced from days before his death show the Friends actor looking disheveled and possibly depressed.

Here is a look at the photos from before his death and what it might have meant for Perry’s last days. You will also want to click here to see his last post before death. The tributes are also pouring in for him.

Matthew Perry looks down and disheveled before death

Matthew Perry was out playing pickleball on Saturday afternoon and when he returned home, he sent his assistant on an errand. When the assistant returned two hours later, Perry was dead in his jacuzzi. According to the reports, Perry appears to have drowned. There were no drugs found at the scene and no evidence of foul play.

Matthew Perry & Courtney Cox/ YouTube

However, recent photos of Perry in the days before his death showed the actor looking a bit disheveled and possibly depressed. The U.S. Sun had photos of Perry leaving a restaurant called The Apple Pan in Los Angeles earlier this week. He was with a friend eating at the restaurant, which is best known for its hamburgers. Perry was wearing a loose T-shirt and some sweatpants for the outing. He was also wearing sneakers without shoelaces.

He wore sunglasses, his hair was disheveled, and he had a small beard laced with gray.

Matthew Perry had years of difficulties after Friends

Matthew Perry struggled for many years with substance abuse problems. While it seemed he had gotten things under control in recent years, some fans began to worry he had fallen back into his old addictions. This was especially true with the recent photos.

Perry had an autobiography called Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing: A Candid, Darkly Funny Book that he released last year. In that book, he talked about his addiction issues. He talked about his battles, something he has spoken about at length before. When he was 49, he suffered a gastrointestinal perforation thanks to his opiate abuse. Perry almost died when that happened, but was able to pull through.

Perry also lost all his top teeth thanks to his drug usage. This also mostly cost him his acting career. He hadn’t appeared in a movie since 2009’s 17 Again. After he appeared as a regular on The Odd Couple from 2015 to 2017, he only appeared in a handful of episodes on The Good Fight and The Kennedys: After Camelot (where he played Ted Kennedy). Other than that, the only thing that Perry took part in was Friends: The Reunion in 2021. That was the last time the cast was together before Perry’s death. Of course, you can also stream him on Friends.

Please help send your thoughts to friends and family of Matthew Perry following his tragic death. Let us know your memories and favorite moments for the Friends actor below.

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  1. I just watched his interview about his bestseller
    book. Listening to his honesty and incomparable wittty and profound replies made me to really get to know him! He went fast without all the pain he already endured most of his life! Its God’s love that made him live when he was supposed to die .
    He had the opportunity to appreciate life better and as he wished to be not the actor we loved but the extraordinary human being he became❤️♥️🥲🥲😇🙏

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