How To Stream ‘Friends’ Amid Matthew Perry’s Passing

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In the wake of Matthew Perry’s tragic and unexpected passing, fans of the 90’s sitcom are wondering where and how they can stream Friends. 

For those not interested in spending any money, scrolling through TikTok is certainly an option. As fans of the actor mourn his tragic passing, they are uploading their favorite clips of Friends featuring his character Chandler Bing. Furthermore, there are many TikTok accounts going live and streaming episodes of Friends in honor of his passing. TikTok, however, doesn’t give fans much control over watching episodes of the series in order.

Fortunately, there are other options for streaming Friends. These options, however, may require fans to subscribe to a streaming service. What are those options exactly? Keep reading for the scoop.

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How To Stream Friends Amid Matthew Perry’s Passing

Friends is a sitcom that made its debut on NBC back in 1994. The series ran for 236 episodes for 10 seasons. Taking place in Manhattan, the sitcom follows the life of six best friends as they endure nearly every life experience. These life experiences include marriage, divorce, love, birth, heartache, new jobs, lost jobs, and tons of other relatable life dramas.

This beloved 90’s sitcom is one people turn to for a re-watch anytime they are feeling nostalgic. With the tragic passing of Matthew Perry, however, many are yearning to re-watch the series in honor of the actor.

Presently, the easiest (and most affordable) way to stream Friends is via MAX (formerly HBO Max). MAX is currently the only streaming service that offers all ten seasons of the series for the cost of a subscription. While episodes of Friends can be found on other platforms, they are not part of a subscription package.

More Expensive Options: Pay Per Episode

Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV are also options for streaming episodes of Friends. They, however, are far more expensive options. Typically, a single episode of the series costs $1.99. So, the entire series would cost nearly $500 at $2 per episode. Likewise, some platforms offer a discounted option of $20-25 a season. So, fans would still be looking at $200-$250 for the entire series.

Unfortunately, platforms that offer the series on a pay-per-episode series do not necessarily have all ten seasons of the series available for sale. So, the best option for streaming Friends right now is definitely a subscription to MAX. For AT&T customers, a subscription to MAX is included with their contract.

Like TikTok, fans can also have some luck finding episodes and clips of episodes available for free streaming on YouTube. Uploads to YouTube, however, tend to be lower quality. Moreover, they are often just clips of episodes instead of the entire episode. Likewise, uploaders sometimes alter the audio to get the clips past the copyright scanners on YouTube. So, fans often don’t get to really enjoy the show with this option.

Are you looking to stream Friends in honor of Matthew Perry’s passing? Let us know your favorite episode in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more TV news and updates.

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