‘Teen Mom’ David Eason Officially Charged With Child Abuse

Jenelle Evans' Hubby David Eason Gets Roasted AGAIN [Credit: David Eason/Instagram]

Former Teen Mom star David Eason has officially been charged with child abuse. It had been speculated that he and possibly his wife, Jenelle Evans would be facing criminal charges. Now, this has finally happened but what are the exact details? Read on for more information.

Teen Mom David Eason Officially Charged With Child Abuse

CPS has been looking into David Eason and Jenelle Evans since her eldest child, Jace ran away at the end of September. It was the third time he did so in a matter of less than two months. This time, however, he alleged that he did so due to the fact that his stepfather had assaulted him. Jace, 14, also claimed that he would run away again if he was sent back to The Land, as his mother’s home is called. David and Jenelle have been doing their best to combat this allegation. Yet, Jace has seemingly been staying with his grandmother, Barbara who raised him.

Jenelle Evans/Facebook
Kaiser, Jace, Jenelle, Ensley-Facebook

It was then revealed that this was turning into a criminal investigation and David could be facing a lot of trouble. Now, it is confirmed. According to TMZ, Eason has officially been charged with child abuse regarding Jace. Currently, the charge stands at a misdemeanor but there was some chatter it would be a neglect charge. This makes sense considering Jace ran away three times in such a short period of time. Though he said this time it was because of assault, Jenelle had another story.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason-Instagram
Jenelle Evans, David Eason-Instagram

She maintained he left over a girlfriend. However, there may be a video of the assault and it is in the hands of the right people, CPS, and the police. This means they will watch it with a fine tooth comb. As for Jenelle, she has yet to be charged with anything but that does not mean she is in the clear. Apparently, CPS has wanted to chat with her younger children privately but she has made this quite difficult for them.

Prior Incident

A microscope has been on Jenelle Evans and David Eason for quite some time. However, it got worse in 2019 when David took the family dog to the woods, shot, and killed it. This caused Jenelle so much distress that she left him with their kids. She has claimed the relationship was done many times and even recently accused him of cheating on her. Evans posted their dirty laundry on social media but they both alleged that their marital problems had nothing to do with Jace running away the first time.

What do you think of David being charged with child abuse? More so, do you anticipate more charges for him and even Jenelle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Jenelle is a fool if she stays with him after this. First he murders her dog, now puts hands on her child!? WTF is wrong with her–she needs help!! Anyone that would allow a man to assault a child and continue to stay and make up excuses has got something wrong. I would be willing to bet she is in an abusive relationship herself with David. She better get those kids (if CPS hasnt taken them out of the house already) and leave–FOR GOOD!

  2. This is a sad situation that really needs to not be on social media for the sake of the children involved. I pray the whole family gets the help they need to heal

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