‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Kids Allegedly Witnessed David Assault Jace?

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Jenelle Evans formerly on Teen Mom on MTV, and her husband David Eason face allegations that her son, Jace Evans was assaulted by David. Allegedly, a ring camera recorded footage of everything. However, more news about the other kids might make people wonder if the evidence actually exists. 

Jenelle Evans Claims Fabrication About David Assaulting Jace

After Jace ran away for the third time, reports suggested that he claimed to CPS and the sheriff, that David assaulted him. Allegedly, he went to a hospital, and his grandmother, Barbara was spotted visitng with him. Of course, this all went down amid yet another custody dispute between the Teen Mom alum and her mom who raised her son.

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason believed that stories like the assault were fabrication. In fact, they called out Barbara for leaking lies to the media. Another story that simply won’t die, is that a ring camera captured everything. Apparently, it all went down outside a neighbor’s property, and a camera caught the incident.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Disses Media Reports

The Sun reported on October 20 that “Kaiser and Ensley witnessed [Jenelle’s] husband David Eason’s alleged attack on teen son Jace.” Meanwhile, fans already heard that allegedly, Jenelle also witnessed it. Perhaps to dispel accusations that Barbara leaked the news, the news outlet claimed “multiple sources” talked to them about it.

MTV Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Allegedly Witnessed David Attack Jace -Instagram
MTV Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans with Jace in happier times – Instagram

Before the new claim, MTV fans heard another story pertaining to the younger kids of Jenelle Evans. Allegedly, both of them were to be interviewed by CPS without David Eason or their mom present. Referring to that, the outlet also cited a source as saying, “The youngest kids were in the car and saw what happened.”

The Ring Camera Footage Seem Magically Absent

Jenelle Evans knows that the media cite sources who can’t prove anything at all. While the camera is often talked about, it doesn’t seem to have made its way out of the hands of the Sheriff, if it even exists. The investigations involve a minor, so Teen Mom fans might never actually see it anyway.

Do you believe that a ring camera really captured David Eason allegedly assaulting Jace in front of Jenelle Evans and the little kids? The claim doesn’t seem to ever go away, but if he had, surely David would be arrested by now? There is talk of a CPS hearing. However, surely hurting a minor would not need a hearing to justify an arrest if footage could prove the case? Do some of Jenelle’s claims that people simply invent stories to hurt her family hold some water?

Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. And, remember to come back here for more news about MTV’s Teen Mom cast.

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