MTV’s Jenelle Evans Hits Mom With Shocking New Accusation

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The feud between MTV’s Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara continues to heat up. Per recently revealed court documents, the reality TV personality has hit her mother with a shocking new accusation. What has Jenelle accused her mother of now? Keep reading for the latest update as well as what fans think about it.

MTV’s Jenelle Evans Hits Mom With Shocking New Accusation

According to court documents obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle Evans did not approve of her mother getting her son Jace various forms of mental health care while he was in her care. Jenelle alleges that Barbara made a mess of tending to the mental health of her own children. So, she should have never been allowed to be in control of Jace’s.

In these court documents, Jenelle argues that Barbara had a history of taking her children to mental hospitals and putting her children on various mental health medications. She goes on to point out that one of Barbara’s children is 35 and still requires medication.

Jenelle Evans proceeds to accuse her mother of committing “bodily harm” on Jace by taking him to these doctors and putting him on mental health medication.

Referring To Her Brother, Colin

The Ashley clarifies Jenelle Evans is referring to her brother Colin. The outlet calls out Jenelle on getting his age wrong noting that he is only 34, not 35. Furthermore, Colin is legally an adult. So, unless there is some sort of conservatorship in place, Barbara would have absolutely no say in whether Colin takes medication or goes to the doctor.

Teen Mom Fans Urge Jenelle Evans To Get Help

On Reddit, fans argue Jenelle Evans would likely benefit from getting some sort of mental health treatment. Moreover, fans point out that her brother Colin NEEDED the mental health care he received as a child. Fans also point out that a doctor would not just prescribe medication to Jace because Barbara said to.

One fan penned: “Does anyone remember when Colin (her brother) was all over social media and he did in fact have obvious mental health issues? Jenelle herself said he was sent away after he lit their house on fire Babs was protecting the other children. Babs did the best she could. It would be worse to be a mom in denial that her son had an issue.”

“Is she referring to her schizophrenic older brother who almost burned their home down? Seriously? Gonna sh*t on Barb for struggling as a single mother to handle a child with one of the more dangerous and unpredictable mental illnesses.” Another agreed.

Unfortunately for Jenelle Evans, fans made it pretty clear they are on Barbara’s team regarding this situation. Likewise, fans wish Barbara would have also sent Jenelle to get some mental health care as well.

What do you think of the latest claim Jenelle has made against her mother? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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