Food Network Star Bobby Flay Mourns Tragic Death

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Tragic news for fans of the Food Network as celebrity chef Bobby Flay took to both Instagram and Facebook with a somber update. Sadly, the 58-year-old reality TV personality was mourning a tragic death. Sharing a gorgeous photo of his lost loved one, Bobby Flay penned a beautiful tribute. Who passed away? What did the celebrity chef have to say in his tribute? Keep reading for the sad details.

Food Network Star Bobby Flay Mourns Tragic Death

Beat Bobby Flay star took to Instagram and Facebook this morning to share that he was brokenhearted. His furbaby Nacho passed away. Bobby Flay admitted that he is no one who tends to post private and personal family matters on social media. He, however, believed his 1.8M followers considered Nacho to be their furbaby as well.


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Furthermore, Nacho Flay had his own Instagram profile with just shy of 300K followers. Bobby Flay also took to Nacho’s Instagram account to break the tragic news to his fans who specifically followed his account dedicated to his furbaby.

He penned: “Nacho had a magic about him that was truly special. He came into my life when I needed him most and brought joyful moment after joyful moment to my household.”

As any cat parent will tell you, the communication between you and your kitty is real and Nacho’s inclusiveness in our home inspired me to create something that would nourish cats everywhere. At the moment my only soothing thought is knowing his likeness and legacy will live on forever through Made by Nacho.”

The Bobby’s Triple Threat star concluded his post with a request for pet owners. He asked them to make time for an extra hug and some extra cuddles in honor of Nacho. Furthermore, he also asked fans to say a prayer for his furbaby.


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Food Network Fans Showered Him With Support

In the comments of his post across all social media platforms and profiles, fans of the Food Network star were gutted for Bobby Flay. Many were at a loss for words as they simply said sorry to him for his tragic loss.

Some admit they had followed his journey with Nacho for years. And, they were devastated to learn of his passing.

Nacho’s Instagram profile reveals Bobby Flay’s furbaby had just celebrated his birthday two weeks prior to his passing. Bobby Flay and Nacho hosted a giveaway in honor of Nacho’s birthday earlier this month on Instagram.


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Do you follow Bobby Flay or Nacho Flay on social media? Did you know he just celebrated Nacho’s birthday a few weeks ago? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on your favorite reality TV stars.

Rest in peace, Nacho Flay. Food Network fans’ thoughts and prayers are with Bobby Flay during this difficult time.

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