Brendan Morais Introduces New Love After Pieper James Split

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Brendan Morais just introduced new love after Pieper James split. Who is it that he is calling the love of his life? He went to social media to share the big life update. Keep reading to find out more.

Brendan Morais introduces love of his life

Bachelor in Paradise alum Brendan Morais went to Instagram to reveal the love of his life to fans. The news comes after it’s gotten out that he and Pieper James ended their two-year relationship.

Who is the love of his life? He shared an adorable video with him and his new best friend. He captioned the video, “What a summer it’s been with precious Mochi girl! Thank you to @newenglandlabradoodles for blessing me with the love of my life 🥰 I’m starting to like dogs more than humans, do you agree??”

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Brendan decided to take a break from dating and focus on happiness which includes his new puppy.

While the video and post are clearly about his new dog Mochi, there were some fans who commented on how confused they were about whom he was talking about. Some fans looked at the post and believed that Brendan was coming out. However, it was pointed out the other male in the video is just a friend or roommate. He is clearly talking about his puppy.

His relationship with Pieper

Brendan Morais and Pieper James caused quite a stir when they both ended up on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise. They had reportedly been seeing each other post-show. In fact, Pieper made an immediate move to go find Brendan.

This caused a lot of drama as many feel that he was leading on Natasha Parker. It got ugly and in the end, Pieper and Brendan left together but did not look happy.

They made their relationship work after a few hiccups in the road. They were together for two years before deciding to call it quits. Pieper basically confirmed the news with a TikTok she posted indicating her last relationship gave her whiplash.

Pieper James, YouTube

So far Pieper not Brendan have announced that they are dating anyone else.

What do you think about Brendan’s new puppy? Do you agree that dogs are better than humans? Did you think Pieper and Brendan would make things work long-term?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites. Congrats to Brendan!

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