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Natasha Parker Makes Shocking Exit From Podcast, Why?

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Bachelor in Paradise alum and Click Bait co-host Natasha Parker just made a shocking exit from the podcast. The news came on the new episode featuring Joe Amabile and Natasha. The preview said she had a big announcement and this was it. Why did she decide to make this sudden move? Keep reading to find out more.

Natasha Parker makes sudden exit from Click Bait

Natasha Parker is the latest Bachelor alum to quit a podcast that relates to the show. She made the announcement on Thursday’s latest episode of Click Bait. She said this was going to be her last day on the podcast. Natasha and Joe Amabile both voiced how they’d miss one another but she feels it is time she moves on. She also mentioned how this is bittersweet but needs to happen.

As for why she is leaving the show, she said, “Recently, in the last six months, I’ve just seen some different things happening in this franchise that — for me to be this love and light that I try to put out into the world … sometimes, being a part of this franchise, it’s hard to continue that and to be that.”

Natasha Parker Instagram
Natasha Parker Instagram

She never explained what exactly she disagrees with within the franchise. However, she did note that she probably won’t be watching as much anymore. Originally she said no she wasn’t going to watch the franchise anymore. But, later, she changed her words and said if Joe and Serena Pitt wanted her to see something she would watch. She also mentioned skipping The Bachelor but possibly watching Bachelor in Paradise. 

Of course, speculation will begin about what has been going down within the franchise that has pushed Natasha to want to be disassociated with it. Perhaps one day she will share.

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Her future

Natasha does have plans to continue the podcast business. She wants her own podcast in which she helps individuals who are stuck in life and want to get out of a rut. She feels she can contribute to helping people manifest the lives they want to live. Natasha has also been studying up on the subject and feels she can really make a difference.

So far she’s not shared a podcast title or when it will debut. She did mention that for now she is not looking for a co-host.

Natasha Parker via Instagram (1)
Natasha Parker via Instagram (1)

Nobody has officially been named as Natasha’s replacement on Click Bait.

What do you think about her suddenly quitting the podcast and essentially the franchise?


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