Is Kailyn Lowry Getting Her Own Show?

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Teen Mom fans have been so focused on pregnancy rumors about Kailyn Lowry that they might have forgotten that she was interested in getting her own show. Rather like the Kardashians, she wanted more personal input. Recently, she talked about the show that never happened. But might MTV fans see something happening?

Teen Mom Alum Kailyn Lowry Under Contract To MTV

Teen Mom 2 was a sinking ship, and Kail jumped off it, refusing to participate in The Next Chapter. However, she remains contracted to MTV, so can’t just rush off and do her own thing. Talk about another reality TV show dwindled in the face of rising speculation about a fifth secret baby, and possibly even twins. Until recently, she only admitted to four kids, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.

Kailyn Lowry finally admitted on her recent Barely Famous podcast, that she welcomed a son with Elijah Scott. The MTV star revealed that Rio arrived 11 months ago, and that confirmed all the rumors and speculation were on the nail. Baby Rio had a difficult start in life and ended up in the NICU. That’s when she talked about a new show again.

Kailyn Lowry - Instagram
Kailyn Lowry – Instagram

Kailyn Lowry Confirmed New Show Discussions

The Sun reported that during the podcast, the former MTV star noted that she “planned to return to reality TV when the star was pregnant with her son Rio.” She said, “There was a show in the works, there was. When I was essentially bamboozled into having to give all this information to Teen Mom 2 in order to go forward with my own show, I pulled back and said, ‘Never mind.'”

MTV's Teen Mom 2 - Kailyn Lowry talks new show - YouTube
MTV’s Teen Mom 2 – Kailyn Lowry talks new show – YouTube

Does this mean that fans won’t ever see her in her own reality TV show? After all, she sounded determined: “I’m not giving this to Teen Mom 2 in order to get my own show. This is my own show.” Well, the good news for fans is that she did film a two-part show. She told her listeners that it “will drop sometime this fall.” Apparently, it will clear up all the rumors that have been going on with her.

Pregnant Again?

Some Teen Mom 2 fans think that Kailyn Lowry also hinted about the current rumor that she’s pregnant again after Rio. Speaking in the present tense, she made a few comments that listeners took as a hint that she might be pregnant at the moment. Of course, that might explain the pregnant-with-twins theory that her ex, Chris Lopez would neither confirm nor deny.

What are your thoughts about the existence of Kailyn Lowry’s baby, Rio being confirmed? Did you think that she might have hinted that she also expects the rumored twins? What about the show? When it drops in fall will you tune in and watch it? Let us know in the comments below and come back here for all your Teen Mom news.

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