Kailyn Lowry 5th Baby, Rio Was Rushed To Neonatal Intensive Care

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Fans of MTV’s Teen Mom were relatively certain Kailyn Lowry had welcomed a fifth child into the world and the baby from the world. The reality TV star recently dropped a bombshell on Teen Mom fans on her most recent episode of her Barely Famous podcast. She confirmed she had given birth to baby number five. And, his name was Rio.

Unfortunately, Rio had a pretty difficult entry into the world. Describing his birth as “traumatizing,” she admits she barely got to see him after he was born. Turns out, baby number five was rushed to neonatal intensive care shortly after birth.

What exactly was wrong with Kailyn Lowry’s son, Rio? Keep reading for the details.

Teen Mom: Baby Number 5 Confirmed

It was early this morning that Kailyn Lowry dropped the latest episode of her podcast. The episode was titled, “You Might Be Right.” The synopsis of the episode read:

Kail reveals a little secret that maybe you knew about? Maybe you didn’t? Time to set that rumor straight!

During the episode, Kailyn Lowry confirmed the secret baby #5 rumors. She had welcomed another child into the world with her 25-year-old boyfriend, Elijah Scott.

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry – YouTube

She said as she spilled the beans on baby Rio: “I have not addressed the rumors about my fifth son. And so, I can do that now.”

Kailyn Lowry 5th Baby, Rio Was Rushed To Neonatal Intensive Care

Recalling the birth of Rio, Kailyn admits that Elijah did not cry when he saw his son for the first time. She remembered being upset that he didn’t cry. His not crying, however, wasn’t a total surprise as he was a “mellow, calm, cool, and collected person.”

The MTV personality said she asked Elijah recently why he didn’t cry when their son was born. Elijah explained he was overwhelmed by emotions. Everything happened so fast with the medical staff rushing their son to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) shortly after his birth.

Kailyn Lowry added that the birth was “traumatizing.” Sadly, she only got to hold him for a few seconds before he was ripped from her arms and rushed to the NICU.

Kailyn Lowry - Instagram
Kailyn Lowry – Instagram

Kailyn Lowry Recalls Scary Birth

The Teen Mom star recalls about six different nurses with their hands all “on” Rio as he was rushed to the NICU. She admits they were both freaking out as they barely had time to process their son’s birth or welcome him into the world. Elijah was sadly robbed of the chance to sob over his son’s birth.

Kailyn Lowry did not share details on exactly what went wrong. She did, however, add that she wants to bring Elijah on the podcast so they can discuss the full birth story of their son.

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As fans know, there are rumors swirling now that Kailyn Lowry is currently pregnant with twins.

Unsurprisingly, fans are a bit frustrated Kailyn Lowry did not share any details on what was wrong with her son or how he’s doing now. Fans suspect that will come up during her podcast episode featuring the full birth story.

Are you surprised to learn she actually had a fifth child? Are you frustrated she didn’t share more details about why Rio was rushed to the NICU? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on this story as they become available.

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