Fans Know Kailyn Lowry’s New Baby’s Gender & Name?

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Do fans know Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry’s new baby’s gender and name? It seems that they have figured it out and keep in mind, this is baby number five. This has nothing to do with the baby or babies she is currently carrying. Read on for more details.

Huge Update: Kailyn finally confirmed the baby! Read more here

Fans Know Kailyn Lowry’s New Baby’s Gender & Name?

Kailyn Lowry never confirmed that she had a fifth baby. Yet, the clues were all there that she was pregnant as she stopped drinking coffee and getting acrylics. Simple pleasures that seemed to cease. Then, it was believed that she had her child with boyfriend, Elijah Scott at the end of 2022. Fans allegedly heard sounds of a newborn and spotted baby items around her home. At this point, her four sons were too old for any of this and then she slipped and recently mentioned something about giving birth. Given the timeline, it would have been November 2022.

Kailyn Lowry Instagram
Kailyn Lowry-Instagram

Now, Kailyn seems to be married and pregnant again but her fifth baby’s gender and name have seemingly been revealed. According to a Reddit thread, she had a clue out in the open on an Instagram story. It appeared that she had a baby bottle in the mix with all of her stuff. However, she must have realized this because she immediately zoomed away. Fans are over her hiding the baby now. “At this point she needs to just post the baby if she wants the attention back,” one wrote. Another added: “Yeah it’s gone too far the other way now.”

Kailyn Lowry-Reddit
Kailyn Lowry-Reddit

They believe the baby exists but are starting to not even care. So, what is the baby’s name? Supposedly, its name is Rio and it is a boy. Fans did not care for this name, especially for a baby boy. More so, they claimed they had only met female Rios or seen ones on television. Of course, the name was not that important as fans could not get over why Kailyn was still hiding the baby and pregnant with more.

So Many Babies

There was also a question as to how the former Teen Mom star could keep getting pregnant so easily. They also struggled to keep up with how many children Kailyn Lowry had at this point. She is mother to Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, Creed, and apparently Rio. Though she is trying to hide her current pregnancy, she has been seen leaving her podcast studio, bumping along. It is as if she is trying to get caught by someone so she does not have to say anything.

As long as she is happy and her kids are healthy, that is all that matters. What do you think of the name Rio? Do you love it or not for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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