Kailyn Lowry’s Secret Fifth Baby Spotted In New Photos?

Kailyn Lowry - YouTube - Teen Mom

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry‘s secret fifth baby might have been spotted in a couple of new photos. Online, two pictures popped up, seemingly proving that she has a new little one. Rumors have swirled for months, and eagle-eyed fans are watching for potential hints. Scroll down to take a look at the photos and see for yourself. Plus, find out what other fans think.

Kailyn is the mother to Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed. Recently, fans have picked up on hints that she may have welcomed a fifth baby to the world. However, she denies this. But some of her followers think it’s undeniable. And now, the new pictures are only adding fuel to the fire.

Kailyn Lowry - YouTube - Teen Mom
Kailyn Lowry – YouTube – Teen Mom

Was Kailyn Lowry’s secret fifth baby spotted in new pictures?

On the Teen Mom Chatter page on Instagrama couple of new photos surfaced. These pictures were originally posted on Facebook and Kailyn was tagged in them. They have since been removed from Facebook. 

The snaps feature Kailyn and her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, eating at a hibachi restaurant. Lux, Lincoln, and Isaac can be seen seated around the table. Upon seeing the pictures, fans immediately spotted a baby in Elijah’s arms. And now, many are convinced he’s Kailyn Lowry’s fifth child. Fans believe his name is Rio.

Fans agree that the little one appears to be around a year old, give or take a couple of months. And this would line up with the birth date fans have predicted.

As of now, she isn’t speaking out about these photos. So, there’s no confirmation or denial yet.

Teen Mom fans react to the new photos.

In the comments section of the post on the fan page, fans are sharing their thoughts. And many are certain that this is Kailyn Lowry’s fifth child. They feel that there is no way for her to deny it as more evidence surfaces.

One fan speculated, “Either Kail is going to go off on whoever posted this or she was trying to be slick and soft launch Rio.”

Several Instagram users are sharing why they think Kailyn is hiding her fifth baby. Some think that Elijah, the baby’s rumored dad, doesn’t want her posting pictures of him. Ultimately, there’s no way to know until Kailyn finally fesses up. But it’s clear that it’s becoming harder and harder to hide this.

So, do you think this is proof that Kailyn Lowry has had a fifth baby? Do you think she will ever confirm it, or do you feel like she will continue to hide it? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite Teen Mom stars.

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