Kailyn Lowry Takes Low Blow At Lincoln, 8, Fans Furious

Kailyn Lowry Takes Low Blow At Lincoln, 8, Fans Furious

Kailyn Lowry took a low blow at Lincoln. Fans are upset over the way she reacted to her 8-year-old son. The Teen Mom star made a “cruel” dig at his cooking skills. He wanted to make his mother dinner.

However, Kailyn wasn’t feeling appreciative. She showed off his sweet gesture on social media. But that didn’t come without a side dish of shade. Read on to find out what Kailyn had to say about her son and what fans said about her unkind words.

Kailyn Lowry Films Son Making Dinner [YouTube]

Lincoln makes dinner for his famous mama

The Teen Mom 2 star took to her Instagram Story to film her son Lincoln making her dinner. He seemed proud of himself when he served her a dish of pasta. In the clip, he stirred the pan in her $750,000 Delaware mansion that was built from the ground up. Kailyn Lowry is happy with her new pad and showed off the results on Instagram.

The 30-year-old made note of Lincoln’s kind gesture. Yet, fans noticed that she made a “cruel” comment about her son’s cooking skills. Kailyn captioned the Instagram Story, “My kids are cooking & im [sic] nervous.” It’s obvious that the reality star was joking.

Kailyn Lowry Films Lincoln Making Dinner [Kailyn Lowry | Instagram Stories]
[Kailyn Lowry | Instagram Stories]
However, some fans thought her comment was rude. Kailyn Lowry showed off the result of Lincoln’s dish. He made her creamy pasta with chicken. Once again, she wrote, “My kids made me dinner and said it’s chicken parmesan.” She wasn’t sure if she should eat it.

Teen Mom fans fought back at Kailyn. They reminded her that she should appreciate her kids’ generous offer. Some of them took to Reddit to share their thoughts on her latest Instagram post.

  • “And why she gotta say they said it’s chicken Parm? B****, it’s chicken parm.”
  • “I feel like she took a little swipe at them for the ‘they said it’s chicken Parmesan.'”
  • “Also, ‘says’ it’s chicken parmesan is just b****y. Kid made you an edible meal. How about some encouragement or something positive?! Cruel.”

Fans teach Kailyn Lowry some gratitude

This comes after fans took another swipe at Kailyn Lowry. They fear that she could accidentally poison them because of her “lazy” parenting. She revealed that she ate perishable food that’s been left out on the counter for several days. Kailyn shared some of her “bad habits” on a recent episode of her Barely Famous podcast.

“It’s really gross, and people around me know that I do this but I will eat food that’s been out for like three or four days,” Kailyn Lowry admitted. “I just don’t give a f*** and that’s on survival from my own childhood, um when I would walk down to my aunt and uncle’s house cause I was starving. My mom didn’t really keep food in the house at that time, so I will just eat food.”

Lincoln Makes Chicken Parmesan [Kailyn Lowry | Instagram Stories]
[Kailyn Lowry | Instagram Stories]
Since Kailyn made that revelation, fans think she should express more gratitude considering her situation. They especially think she should be kinder to her kids. What are your thoughts? Do you think Kailyn was rude to Lincoln? Sound off below in the comment section.

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