‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Emotional, Drops Another Pregnancy Clue?

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Ever since Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry soft launched Elijah Scott, people speculated that she fell pregnant again, and now, there might be a new clue that confirms it. Of course, that came over a year ago. However, more pregnancy rumors sprang up like weeds amongst MTV viewers. So what makes people convinced that this time, she deliberately hinted that another kid is on the way? Read on to find out.

Teen Mom Fans Need To Know If Kailyn Lowry Is Pregnant Again

The MTV star left the franchise, and yet, she managed to get a lot of attention from social media followers. Actually, some critics allege that she drops hints of pregnancy just to keep getting engagement. These days, she spends a lot of time with podcasts, and, the last clue came on Barely Famous. Officially, the former Teen Mom star announced four children In 2020, she welcomed Creed, who the clan of kids alongside Isaac Elliot, Lincoln Marshall, and Lux Russell.

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Fans really need to know, with a burning desire if the rumored fifth child came along. Plus, they also seem desperate to settle the question of twins. Talking about Kailyn Lowry and the number of kids she has, some people thought that Chris Lopez confirmed she had twins. Back in May, He told followers on Instagram, “How many now? I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8? I could keep going, cause if I stop at a certain number I just gave it the f**k away.”

Kailyn Lowry Drops A New Clue That She Is Expecting Again?

Recently, The Sun reported that the podcaster definitely sounded like she might be pregnant. It came when she talked with “Kayla Avery…a digital creator.” Saying no to any compliments, she said to her guest, “that she would ‘cry’ because she is ’emotional all the time.” Hormones tend to do that to pregnant women, so it’s a good guess that she’s carrying at least one baby again.

Kailyn Lowry gave her info about being so emotional after Kayla said to her, “This is probably the most in-depth I’ve ever talked about my career online, and like I said before, I wanted to do it with someone like you, you know what I mean? Someone I trust.” Of course, Kail could have just been talking about how touched she felt because Kayla trusted her. But why would she feel “emotional all the time” for no reason?

Never Ending Speculation

Kailyn Lowry keeps her followers in suspense over her possible babies. Many people become really irritated on social media and they want to know why she hides them. Convinced that she had more kids, they troll her hard.

What do you think? Do believe that the former MTV star is simply hinting at pregnancies to get attention? Or could she really be carrying baby number five, six, or seven? Sound off in the comments below, and keep coming back here for more about the Teen Mom franchise on MTV.

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