Kailyn Lowry Confirms Pregnant With Twins Rumor TRUE?

Kailyn Lowry, Isaac-Instagram

Has Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry finally confirmed the twin pregnancy rumors? For a few months now, it has been alleged that she is expecting again. Yet, there is no concrete evidence, just sightings of the mother of four, maybe five. Now, it might be confirmed but how? Read on for more details.

Kailyn Lowry Confirms Pregnant With Twins Rumor TRUE?

Last year, it looked like Kailyn Lowry had given birth to her fifth child. Yet, nothing was ever revealed but fans kept trying to figure out clues. Prior to a possible due date, she was changing her lifestyle and giving up things that would reflect her being pregnant. However, the mother of Isaac, Lincoln, Creed, and Lux never said anything about a new baby. Eagle-eyed fans thought they saw baby products in Kailyn’s home as well as the sound of a little one. She even made a slip and mentioned having had a baby around late 2022. Still, no one has seen the mystery baby.

Kailyn Lowry/Facebook
Kailyn Lowry-Facebook

Now, once again, rumors are circulating that she is pregnant again, this time with twins. Has she actually confirmed this? According to a TikTok video, it looks like she may have but possibly in a sarcastic manner. She is sitting in bed with her hair wrapped up, drinking green juice. The caption reads: “reading all the rumors about myself.” Kailyn Lowry sat there and just mouthed “true” repeatedly to a voiceover with a chuckle in between. She seemed to want to set the record straight while also having a good time.

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Of course, this makes fans wonder if she is confirming that all of the rumors about her being pregnant again are in fact true. Followers quickly took to the comment section to react. “Congrats of the new baby!!♥️♥️♥️,” one wrote. Another added: “sooo my question always is when does ot become not a rumor?!!” Many appreciated how chill and “unbothered” Kailyn was about the situation and wished they could be like that.

Is It True?

At this point, no one may ever really know what is true and what is false when it comes to Kailyn Lowry’s babies. One fan noted that it really is not anyone’s business what she does with her life. Of course, it is bound to come out sooner or later but for now, Kail is keeping people guessing. This would be her sixth (and possibly seventh) child with a fourth father. She has been seeing her neighbor, Elijah Scott for some time now. Guess fans will just have to wait and see.

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