‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Breaks Down In Video Begging Fans

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TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW) star Tori Roloff broke down and begged her Instagram followers in a recent video she uploaded to her Stories. What was it that had the TLC mother feeling emotional? Furthermore, what was she begging her followers for exactly? Keep reading for the details or scroll down to watch the video clip she uploaded.

LPBW  Tori Roloff Breaks Down In Video Begging Fans

Zach Roloff’s wife kicked off a video clip on her Instagram Stories immediately getting emotional. Tori explained she was getting “so emotional” because of all the people who have reached out to her.

The TLC personality has come to realize that as people get older they crave human connection. They want to find circles of people to spend time with. People to relate to. Most of all, they want people to hype up who will also hype them up.

Tori Roloff - YouTube

Sadly, however, Tori Roloff realizes she lives in a world that is extremely broken right now. Tori proceeds to clarify she is referring to the fact that so many people just don’t get along. So many people just don’t like each other.

As Tori Roloff breaks down, she wishes the world was different. She wishes it was not so broken. She asks why everyone in the world can’t just get along. Why can’t people just find a group of people to connect to? Moreover, why can’t people just spend more time hyping each other up?

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She Is Happy To Make A Difference

People reaching out to Tori Roloff on social media have thanked her. They thanked her for introducing them to various communities where they could connect with people. Communities where they could make some friends. And, communities where they could find their hype people.

Continuing to be overwhelmed with emotion, Tori Roloff affirms she does see and read those messages even if she doesn’t reply to them. The TLC personality is thrilled she has helped so many people find a community. This knowledge is what encourages her to continue to post on social media. She continues to post with the hopes that even more will find a community to connect to.

Sadly, the reality TV spotlight on her also causes her to get a lot of heat and judgment from less positive fans. This type of negativity is what Tori Roloff is referring to when she talks about the “broken world” she lives in.

Do you agree with what Tori Roloff is saying about wanting to connect with people as you grow older? How do you think she’s helped LPBW fans find communities of people to connect with? Moreover, do you agree that the world is broken right now? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Little People, Big World news.

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