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Little People Big Word starTori Roloff and Jeremy’s wife Audrey spend a lot of time on social media but is a recent post likely to make Audrey start spitting as they run an internet race? What’s going on with these two TV stars? Read on to find out why tactics might push Zach’s wife ahead.

Tori Roloff And Audrey Both Have Bad Days On The Internet

In December last year, things got really bad for Audrey. All she did was post a lot of Christmas photos from years gone by and trolls roasted her. It’s not like the pictures were offensive, and they only showed the kids around the tree with their presents. However, it looked so posed that people felt it looked too contrived. Actually, a lot of critics believe that she exploits her kids on social media to build up her numbers and make an influencer’s income.

Tori Roloff isn’t free from trolls either, despite people claiming that she’s the nicer of the two people. Mind you at least she sometimes reveals life in the family as it really is. On occasion, she posts about the kids crying, wailing, dirty, or plain grumpy. Every parent knows that life isn’t always Insta-perfect. While a few people might slam her posting that sort of thing, at least most Little People, Big World fans can relate if they raise toddlers. So, that puts Tori ahead in popularity.

Tori Roloff And Audrey Compete For Followers On Social  Media?

This week, the mom of Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah took to her Instagram Stories and shared a card about wanting to do a “giveaway.” In it, she asked fans who they’d like to see her do a collaboration with when she reaches two million followers. Actually, she’s been sitting on 1.9 million followers for nearly two years. So far, it looks like she struggles to get through the last 100,000. Then again, it’s hard to tell because as people know, she could be on 9,729,5960 followers. On Instagram, the finer statistics of followers can’t be seen.

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Tori Roloff leads Audey, who in comparison only has 1,6 million followers. As there’s a rumored feud and Audrey admits she’s extremely competitive, will she be spitting when her sister-in-law bangs through the big two million barrier? Sometimes, TLC fans suspect that she shades Zach’s wife because she wants people to unfollow he sister-in-law. As Audrey left LPBW, perhaps she finds it harder to draw in the numbers just on her perfect “pick me” posts.

Fleeing Followers On Instagram?

In mid-2022, plenty of people expressed their opinions that both women seemed to use tactics that annoyed them. People complained that some of the posts were downright cringe. Meanwhile, others included Jacob’s wife Isabel for using her son, Mateo in her monetization marketing tactics. In fact, plenty of followers claimed that they no longer follow any of the women. However, when LPBW is airing, it’s likely that more people will follow the family that still remains on the TLC show.

Tori Roloff could win the slow-paced race in the end because people prefer her content. As pointed out on Reddit, her content is “not forced or staged like Auj.”

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Do you think that Tori Roloff is trying to seduce more followers by doing a giveaway to win an internet race? What about her sister-in-law, Audrey? Do you think that she might be spitting if the TLC star finds two million followers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family news.

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