‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Makes New Job Official With Management Team

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Little People Big World star Tori Roloff has been criticized for playing on social media too much. It seems the former teacher only makes money through advertising these days. Zach Roloff’s wife has now joined a management team, so that means more products will be shown and pushed on her social media platform.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Taking Her Job Seriously?

Tori recently signed with talent management, hinting she’s taking her influencer job seriously. The Little People Big World star has been hustling online by selling clothes and other products. She’s also building a two-story shop near her house. Zach’s wife currently has 2 million followers on social media. She has already done multiple projects with different companies. It also appears that she’s stepping away from being a simple mother as she starts promoting stylish clothing online.

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Tori Utilizing Her Kids To Promote?

Tori and her sister-in-law, Audrey Roloff, are known for their online jobs. But some fans aren’t happy about it, especially by how they use the kids to sell stuff online. The mother of three has already received criticism for her antics. Though it seems the Little People Big World star won’t let it get in her way. She even took to Instagram recently to shut down the rumors about her not doing anything at home. She loves sharing videos of the kids in her stories, along with the newest product she is promoting.

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The photographer hasn’t had a project for quite some time. She also never went back into teaching, causing some people to call her a “laid-back” wife as she relies on TLC money and online endorsements. But recently, she did say someday, when all the children are in school, she will go back to teaching.

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff Still Struggle With Job?

It’s been quite some time since Zach talked about what he’s been up to. There are speculations that he’s still jobless and only relies on the reality show. Some also think it’s one of the main reasons why he and his wife still haven’t left the Little People Big World despite his siblings stepping away and start living privately.

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Zach Roloff still shows up at the Roloff Farm’s annual Pumpkin Season. But there are speculations that he still is not on good terms with his dad, Matt Roloff, after failing to agree to purchase a part of the property.

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