‘Return To Amish’ Rosanna Miller Engaged, See Pics

Rosanna Miller-Instagram

Return to Amish star Rosanna Miller is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Johnny Detweiler. The two left the show on shaky ground because she was pregnant. Now, they are finally sealing the deal but how did it go down? Read on for more details.

Return To Amish Rosanna Miller Engaged, See Pics

When Rosanna Miller first appeared on Return to Amish, she was scared of most things in the English world. She tried dating but did not really know what to do. Her best friend, Maureen Byler, was there with her but had fallen in love with a man named Daniel. Of course, Rosanna made fun of her for being in love and even leaving the Amish world to be with him. However, by Season 6, she had found her own man, Johnny Detweiler. He claimed that he wanted her to choose between the Amish or English world though he was partial to the former.

Rosanna, Johnny/Facebook
Johnny, Rosanna-Facebook

Rosanna’s brother came to see her in Florida where she was staying with Johnny and the show was filming. They were staying in the same room and sharing a bed which resulted in them making a baby. Unfortunately, they wanted to get married but were declined. Johnny asked for permission while on Return to Amish but the Bishop did not think Rosanna was a worthy bride. The duo welcomed a daughter and have been happily together. Now,  they are ready to take the next step in their relationship. Rosanna shared the big news on her Instagram.

Rosanna Miller-Instagram
Rosanna Miller-Instagram

She shared an up-close photo of the diamond with her hand over Johnny’s and their daughter’s little hand on there, as well. The next snap was of the proposal and then she had a selfie in her stories as she beamed with the ring. Immediately, the congrats flooded in. “Congratulations to all of you!!! What beautiful family unit!” one wrote. Another added: “OMGGGG yesssss!! I’m so happy for you Roseanna ❤️❤️.” One person shared that they wanted to see the wedding on the show.

Another Season?

It has not been revealed if there will be another season of Return to Amish. At this point, Sabrina Burkholder has left Jethro and had a baby with someone else. Additionally, Jeremiah Raber and his wife, Carmela have parted ways so there have been a lot of changes. However, it would be nice to see all of them come together for a wedding, especially Rosanna’s. It does appear that she goes back and forth between her Amish and English clothing.

Are you happy that Rosanna Miller found her happily ever after? More so, can you believe how much she has evolved? Let us know in the comments below.

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