‘Return To Amish’ Sabrina Burkholder Shows Off New Man & Baby

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Return to Amish star Sabrina Burkholder is showing off her new man and her baby boy. She had a very rocky road with her ex-boyfriend, Jethro Nolt. However, it seems that she has her sparkle back with her new beau and their baby boy. Now, she is giving her followers a first look at the new man in her life. What does he look like? Read on for pics and more details.

Return To Amish Sabrina Burkholder Shows Off New Man & Baby

Sabrina Burkholder is currently expecting her third child with Jethro Nolt on Season 7 of Return to Amish. It has not been the easiest situation as Jethro left Sabrina in Florida while she was pregnant. This is quite familiar to viewers as he left her last season right after she had their first daughter together. They attempted to work out their relationship and now, they are trying hard, once again since their third child is on its way. Jethro is even preparing to propose to Sabrina which is something that may blow up in his face. Ultimately, she did give birth to their second little girl, Kalani in September 2021.

Sabrina Burkholder, Jethro Nolt/Return to Amish/Facebook
[Jethro, Sabrina-Facebook]
Since the show was on hiatus and her pregnancy would be part of the current season, no one had any idea she was even expecting. Then, in February of this year, Sabrina Burkholder welcomed her sixth child. Some may recall that she has two older children but they live with family due to her past addiction. This sixth was quite a surprise and it was just assumed that she had her new baby boy, Aro Reno with Jethro. She soon cleared this up and revealed that the baby daddy was actually her new boyfriend, Scottie.

Sabrina Burkholder/Return to Amish/Instagram
[Scottie, Aro-Instagram]
According to In Touch Weekly, nearly two months after giving birth to Aro, Sabrina Burkholder is showing off Scottie. She shared a few photos of him holding Aro on her Instagram and they look almost identical. Though she first shared a snap of the three of them back in March, that seems to have been taken down. Comments have been disabled on the post of Scottie and Aro but it is clear that they are very bonded already.

What’s To Come For Sabrina?

There is no information as to how long Sabrina Burkholder and Scottie have been together. However, she seems to be in a happy place in her life. Still, fans will have to watch her go through her previous pregnancy and some more drama with Jethro Nolt first. On Tuesday’s episode of Return to Amish, the cast throws Sabrina and Jethro a baby shower for their baby girl. At the same time, he is taking the leap to propose but that outcome is unknown. Right now, it is just exciting to see Sabrina in a great spot in life.

Are you happy to finally see Sabrina Burkholder’s new man? Do you think he is an upgrade from Jethro? Let us know and watch Return to Amish Tuesdays on TLC.



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