Sabrina Burkholder Breaks Silence About Split With Jethro Nolt

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Sabrina Burkholder has been quite candid about her many ups and downs. The Return to Amish star dealt with drug addiction and came out on the other side. Now, she is talking about another hard situation in her life. She and her longtime on-and-off boyfriend, Jethro Nolt have called it quits. So, why did it end? Read on for more details.

Sabrina Burkholder Opens Up About Split

According to In Touch Weekly, the couple broke up back in August of this year. They had been on and off, as viewers saw during Season 6 of RTA. However, they were able to come back together and welcomed their third child together. Sadly, it seems that things could not be mended and they broke up. Yet, what happened that made this relationship over for good? She has not said what exactly went wrong but that they are working on one aspect.

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Both Sabrina and Jethro are determined to ensure that they can co-parent their three children properly. Prior to Season 6, they had a son, Zekiah. While that season was airing, she was expecting their second child, a baby girl. It was a very scary labor and what made it even harder was Covid restrictions. In the end, baby Skylar arrived and they were over the moon excited. That is until Sabrina discovered that Jethro had been entertaining other women.

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The two parted ways but then they decided to try to make it work again. Though they struggled along the way, they did welcome their third child, Kalani. She was born in September 2021 and the couple seemed rejuvenated with new life. Unfortunately, that feeling has since faded, and eleven months later, it was over.

My, How She’s Grown

Sabrina Burkholder is not the same person fans first met when she appeared on Breaking Amish. She almost died from a heroin overdose in 2018. Sabrina took time away from everything and went to rehab for six months, which completely transformed her. As for Jethro, he was someone that she had known for a long time. In 2019, she broke down how they were connected to In Touch.“Jethro’s father is a preacher in the conservative Mennonite church.”

Jethro also had his own substance problems so he was able to connect with Sabrina on a deeper level. With their son, Zekiah, the reality star felt that she had been given another chance. She already had two older kids that she no longer had custody of. Once Kalani was born, health became Sabrina’s mission as she was determined to get into amazing shape. She was glowing and looked better than ever. Hopefully, she can keep that momentum up while going into this next phase of her life.

Are you surprised that Sabrina Burkholder and Jethro split again? Do you think it is for good? Let us know.

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