‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Is Done With The Talk Show?

Kelly Ripa from The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Youtube

On Live with Kelly and Mark Thursday last week, Kelly Ripa claimed that she was “done.” So, are her retirement plans going to get moved up? Certainly, she sounded irritated and touchy on the talk show. Read on to find out what happened with the short-tempered host.

Live Kelly Ripa Is Popular But Seems Irritated These Days

For a long time, ABC fans thought that the wife of Mark Consuelos really considered retirement from the morning talk show. Actually, some people slammed her because of her frequent absences after Ryan Seacrest moved to Wheel of Fortune. Additionally, she started churning out pre-recorded episodes. While that might be okay in between seasons, most people hate that when a season airs. So, some people thought she might be done with the show.

Kelly Ripa sometimes gets touchy and despite cloaking it with humor, underneath it, some viewers think that her comments are barbed and loaded. In fact, her facetious claim that Mark Consuelos didn’t step up for the kids could be based on her truth. Will she step away from overwork and let her husband get on with it? Read on to find out what happened when she claimed she was “done!”

Kelly Ripa Is Touchy, Claims She’s ‘Done’ On Live

Last week, two incidents revealed that she seems a bit hypersensitive at the moment. The Sun reported that she asked “an honest question,” and slammed the producer who corrected her on “Dalmatian hamsters.” Responding to the correction, she said, “OK. Don’t talk down to me!” In the same episode, she claimed that she was “done.”

Live with Kelly and Mark Live Kelly Ripa Is Done With The Talk Show ABC The Sun
Live with Kelly and Mark – Kelly Ripa gets touchy, throws a piece of paper – ABC via The Sun.

Live with Kelly and Mark host Kelly Ripa showed her irritation when Mark Consuelos also corrected her. That came in “the Inbox segment.” The audience seemed tickled pink when a viewer sent in a message about playing “nude pickleball.” Anyway, having gotten some laughs from her response she lost it later on.

Why Was The Live with Kelly And Mark Host ‘Done?’

Kelly Ripa got jumpy because after reading the message about nude pickleball, she returned to the same question by mistake. Naturally, Mark reminded her that she’d already dealt with it. So, she tossed the paper away and proclaimed, “We already did it,” before adding, “We’re done here!”

That’s how the segment on the talk show ended before taking a commercial break. Hopefully, she’s not really done with the show, and just joked around about losing her concentration.

What do you think about Kelly Ripa talking about being “done” on LIve? Is she just gaslighting the audience? Or, is she getting stressed and tired of working with Mark Consuelos? Do you think that she’s just joking around? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here often for more updates about Live! with Kelly and Mark. 

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